Bacteria for blastoff: Using microbes to make supercharged new rocket fuel

Journal Reference: Pablo Cruz-Morales, Kevin Yin, Alexander Landera, John R. Cort, Robert P. Young, Jennifer E. Kyle, Robert Bertrand, Anthony T. Iavarone, Suneil Acharya, Aidan Cowan, Yan Chen, Jennifer W. Gin, Corinne D. Scown, Christopher J. Petzold, Carolina Araujo-Barcelos, Eric Sundstrom, Anthe George, Yuzhong Liu, Sarah Klass, Alberto A. Nava, Jay D. Keasling. Biosynthesis of … Read more

Predicting the future: A fast, easy scan can reveal late-life dementia risk

Journal Reference: Tenielle Porter, Marc Sim, Richard L. Prince, John T. Schousboe, Catherine Bondonno, Wai H. Lim, Kun Zhu, Douglas P. Kiel, Jonathan M. Hodgson, Simon M. Laws, Joshua R. Lewis. Abdominal aortic calcification on lateral spine images captured during bone density testing and late-life dementia risk in older women: A prospective cohort study. The … Read more

Hidden in genetics: The evolutionary relationships of two groups of ancient invertebrates revealed

Journal Reference: Konstantin Khalturin, Natalia Shunatova, Sergei Shchenkov, Yasunori Sasakura, Mayumi Kawamitsu, Noriyuki Satoh. Polyzoa is back: The effect of complete gene sets on the placement of Ectoprocta and Entoprocta. Science Advances, 2022; 8 (26) DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abo4400 “We’ve shown that by using high quality transcriptomic data we can answer a long-standing question to the best … Read more

Montana bio station researchers discuss mine risks to salmon rivers

Journal Reference: Christopher J. Sergeant, Erin K. Sexton, Jonathan W. Moore, Alana R. Westwood, Sonia A. Nagorski, Joseph L. Ebersole, David M. Chambers, Sarah L. O’Neal, Rachel L. Malison, F. Richard Hauer, Diane C. Whited, Jill Weitz, Jackie Caldwell, Marissa Capito, Mark Connor, Christopher A. Frissell, Greg Knox, Erin D. Lowery, Randal Macnair, Vicki Marlatt, … Read more

Secure communication with light particles

Journal Reference: Erik Fitzke, Lucas Bialowons, Till Dolejsky, Maximilian Tippmann, Oleg Nikiforov, Thomas Walther, Felix Wissel, Matthias Gunkel. Scalable Network for Simultaneous Pairwise Quantum Key Distribution via Entanglement-Based Time-Bin Coding. PRX Quantum, 2022; 3 (2) DOI: 10.1103/PRXQuantum.3.020341 The new system is used to exchange symmetric keys between parties in order to encrypt messages so that … Read more

Novel gene for Alzheimer’s disease in women identified

Journal Reference: Jaeyoon Chung, Anjali Das, Xinyu Sun, Débora R. Sobreira, Yuk Yee Leung, Catherine Igartua, Sahar Mozaffari, Yi‐Fan Chou, Sam Thiagalingam, Jesse Mez, Xiaoling Zhang, Gyungah R. Jun, Thor D. Stein, Brian W. Kunkle, Eden R. Martin, Margaret A. Pericak‐Vance, Richard Mayeux, Jonathan L. Haines, Gerard D. Schellenberg, Marcelo A. Nobrega, Kathryn L. Lunetta, … Read more

Advocating a new paradigm for electron simulations

Journal Reference: Zhandos Moldabekov, Jan Vorberger, Tobias Dornheim. Density Functional Theory Perspective on the Nonlinear Response of Correlated Electrons across Temperature Regimes. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 2022; 18 (5): 2900 DOI: 10.1021/acs.jctc.2c00012 In the new publication, Young Investigator Group Leader Dr. Tobias Dornheim, lead author Dr. Zhandos Moldabekov (both CASUS, HZDR) and Dr. … Read more

Why many cancer cells need to import fat

Journal Reference: Zhaoqi Li, Brian W. Ji, Purushottam D. Dixit, Konstantine Tchourine, Evan C. Lien, Aaron M. Hosios, Keene L. Abbott, Justine C. Rutter, Anna M. Westermark, Elizabeth F. Gorodetsky, Lucas B. Sullivan, Matthew G. Vander Heiden, Dennis Vitkup. Cancer cells depend on environmental lipids for proliferation when electron acceptors are limited. Nature Metabolism, 2022; … Read more

When ASD occurs with intellectual incapacity, a convergent mechanism for two top-ranking risk genes may be the cause

Journal Reference: Megan Conrow-Graham, Jamal B Williams, Jennifer Martin, Ping Zhong, Qing Cao, Benjamin Rein, Zhen Yan. A convergent mechanism of high risk factors ADNP and POGZ in neurodevelopmental disorders. Brain, 2022; DOI: 10.1093/brain/awac152 While ASD is distinct from ID, a significant proportion — approximately 31% — of people with ASD also exhibit ID. Neither … Read more

Study paves the way towards a more precise use of CRISPR

Journal Reference: Giulia I. Corsi, Kunli Qu, Ferhat Alkan, Xiaoguang Pan, Yonglun Luo, Jan Gorodkin. CRISPR/Cas9 gRNA activity depends on free energy changes and on the target PAM context. Nature Communications, 2022; 13 (1) DOI: 10.1038/s41467-022-30515-0 A new Danish research project can help refine the method and is a step towards a more precise and effective … Read more

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