Apulien Roadtrip – Sehenswürdigkeiten, Tipps und Route

Apulien Roadtrip Sehenswurdigkeiten Tipps und Route

Die Region Apulien hat sich in den letzten Jahren vom Geheimtipp zu einer der beliebtesten Feriendestinationen Süditaliens gemausert. Kein Wunder – locken hier im Stiefelabsatz rund 800 Kilometer Küste mit traumhaften Stränden, pittoreske Dörfer und zahlreiche kulturelle Sehenswürdigkeiten. Zudem lässt es sich in den zahlreichen, inmitten weitläufiger Olivenhaine gelegenen, liebevoll renovierten Trulli und Masserie herrlich … Read more

She works, he cooks – Penne with creamy aubergine sauce from an Italian household by Jan Steen – Foodlog

I got this recipe from Pola. She lives in a messy farm house in the hills of Umbria and is home to two children and three men. She bakes fresh bread every morning because the gentlemen don’t like the salt-free bread from the baker. Pola is Irish, born to an Italian mother and an Irish … Read more

Taiwan: last day of vast Chinese military maneuvers around the island

Taiwan last day of vast Chinese military maneuvers around the

In this photo provided by the Chinese news agency New China and dated August 5, 2022, a Chinese soldier monitors exercises around Taiwan. LIN JIAN / AP China wrapped up its biggest military maneuvers ever around Taiwan on Sunday (August 7th), which was an angry reaction to the visit of the representative of the United … Read more

Ritter Rost Magic Park Verden: Field report with big and small children – family4travel

Ritter Rost Magic Park Verden Field report with big and

The small amusement park in Verden in Lower Saxony is one of the insider tips for family outings. Nostalgia and self-efficacy count more here than higher, further, faster. For families with children of kindergarten and primary school age, the Ritter Rost Magic Park Verden is wonderfully suited to experience a magical day. And even with … Read more

Processed food dementia – But what is ‘ultra processed food’? – Foodlog

A diet with a large share ultra processed food (UPFs), industrially made foods, are associated with an increased risk of dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s. That is the conclusion of two new studies, by Chinese and Brazilian scientists. Ultra processed food contains a lot of sugar, fat and salt and little fiber and other high-quality nutrients. If … Read more

“Why would anyone blame me for being a lesbian? » : Natalie Clifford Barney, the Amazon of rue Jacob

Every Friday, at 4:30 p.m., big Buicks and a parade of well-dressed men and women crowd rue Jacob, in the 6e district of Paris. They are about fifty, maybe a hundred, who flock to number 20 and do not leave until a little before 10 p.m. From outside, you can hear the bursts of voices … Read more

Territory and traditions: initiatives and events in Abruzzo – TravelQuotidiano

Territory and traditions initiatives and events in Abruzzo TravelQuotidiano

Gastronomy, transhumance, sheep tracks and grazing: the Abruzzo Region invests in the pastoral and gastronomic tradition with a program of initiatives dedicated to its history and culture, uses and customs, with the aim of bringing the turismo slow ed experiential on its paths. Today closes the Review of Sheep organized by the Chamber of Commerce … Read more

‘It is ready for us’ – Rutte and LTO were in another consultation with Remkes – Foodlog

A tweet showed that something wasn’t quite right. It would be nice, but according to LTO it was precisely this announcement that was symptomatic of the relationship: one-sided communication from the cabinet without coordination. When Remkes finally came out, it seemed to be going well. The experienced driver and politician Remkes brought his estimate of … Read more

Why did I eliminate wheat from my diet? – Anna Lewandowska – healthy plan by Ann

Why did I eliminate wheat from my diet Anna

As part of the POWER CHALLENGE challenge, I encourage you to eliminate white sugar, alcohol and wheat from your diet. Why? Because I am sure that this will improve your well-being, and in the long run it will contribute to the improvement of your health. But what is this wheat all about? I’m already translating! … Read more

The grandiose twilight of Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton

The grandiose twilight of Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton

Designer Marc Jacobs at the presentation of Louis Vuitton’s spring-summer 2014 collection in Paris on October 2, 2013. FREDERIC BUKAJLO/SIPA Guests were asked to arrive at 9:40 a.m. for a show scheduled for 10 a.m. sharp on October 2, 2013. Since wearing down the patience of reporters by starting a show two hours late, Marc … Read more

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