UFOs and horror: Jordan Peele’s new recipe with Daniel Kaluuya in the cinema

Jordan Peele holds an interesting record in world cinema. He has only produced three films that have been enough to become a Midas of the industry; his cinema is not commercial, his style is more attached to the independent, he does it in a more traditional way, transcends genres and feeds on deep criticism of the racism, the american dream, classism and xenophobia.

The box office of his stories has been a jewel: Get Out (Flee!, 2017) and Us (Nosotros, 2019), his first two films, grossed 176 and 178 million dollars, respectively, and ¡Nope!, the most recent, is already reaching 100 million in the United States alone, where it premiered on July 22.

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“My biggest inspiration for my films is humanity and the feeling of existential helplessness. From there I focus on the idea of ​​the show to give people in theaters, to feed their love of the cinematic experience while also asking myself, which is why I’m obsessed with the show. Why is the human condition addicted to witnessing the magical, be it beautiful or horrible?” says Peele, a genius for fusing the supernatural with the most realistic critique possible.

The film’s co-star, Keke Palmer.

¡Nope!, which will hit theaters across the country on August 25, is a mysterious tale that ranges from UFOs to supernatural forces that affect the behavior of animals and people, passing through the simplicity of the relationship between two brothers who make a living as caretakers of a horse ranch in California. Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer lead the cast of the film.

“I really enjoyed getting to know the heart of the story. Because I was involved from the beginning, I found myself with a script that draws you in and it was incredible to see how the story changed from one draft to another, “he says. KaluuyaOscar winner in 2021 for his performance in Judas and the Black Messiah.

Peele loves short titles. Before being a screenwriter and director of his films, he was even an actor in comedies, but his consecration was behind the cameras. He and Kaluuya talked about Nope! in these interviews to which EL TIEMPO had access.

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Movie Nope, by Jordan Peele

Director and screenwriter Jordan Peele.

‘Nope!’ it looks and doesn’t look like his previous films. What is the genesis?

Jordan Peele: It is difficult to talk about the genesis without revealing details. I felt like there was a void about a movie I wished existed but no one had made: the great UFO horror movie. Somehow, I felt I had a responsibility to do it. So the idea, the concept and the plot started there.

At the center of the story is a relationship between two brothers who are very different, but have a special bond, right?

Jordan Peele: Yes, it is a story about home and two brothers, OJ (Kaluuya) and Emerald Haywood (Keke Palmer), who have a connection and a bond to rediscover during the film. I think they represent two halves that most of us have. There’s a part of me that’s Emerald, wanting to be out there getting everyone’s laughter and approval, and another part of me that’s OJ, socially nervous and awkward. I’m an only child, but I’m fascinated by the sibling relationship because it’s based on a kind of primal genetic loyalty. No matter how much they fight or how different they are from each other, they will come to support each other in the end. That brings me a lot of joy and melancholy.

Movie Nope, by Jordan Peele

Actor Steven Yeun, who is part of the cast.

How is that relationship from acting?

Daniel Kaluuya: I love movies that deal with sibling stories, it’s fun to explore the conflict of a relationship that has a lot of love and care under the skin. This time I really like that it explores a fun dynamic between them. Emerald is keeping an eye on her stuff, but OJ isn’t. And the more it happens, the funnier it gets. Jordan wrote it that way and on set we both pitched in and hyped it up a little bit more.

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When you witness that extraordinary and inexplicable phenomenon, you try to capture it, right?

Daniel Kaluuya: Yes, we are on that trip, but the brothers do not understand what they are seeing, so they decide to catch it to observe it and see if it is real. The reactions of the two are different, while OJ wants to see what it is, Emerald is thinking that it could give them some money. Her perspectives change with the course of the film.

How would you explain your relationship with the symbolism so present in your films?

Jordan Peele: My relationship with symbolism has grown and become more organic, with respect to how they manifest and what they mean. During the course of a process, you find connections in things, and a lot of telling a story and making a movie starts with something you don’t know and trying to understand what you’ve been trying to tell yourself. So you can’t decide what symbols they are, but let them show you what they are.

Nope! it transcends and reimagines genres, to the point that it is impossible to pigeonhole it. How important is that to you?

Jordan Peele: I love that! I’ve been trying to identify boxes and get out of them for my entire career, and part of that has to do with feeling boxed in. Also, when you have a box, you have a magic trick waiting to happen and an audience that wants to be surprised; so if you can find a box, open it!


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UFOs and horror: Jordan Peele’s new recipe with Daniel Kaluuya in the cinema

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