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Do you want to visit Marseille and take full advantage of the sun of the Ditch city? For that, there’s nothing like a getaway far from the crowded beaches of France’s second largest metropolis, and head to one of the three private beaches that surround the city.

Discover in this article the addresses of the private beaches of Marseille, as well as the current prices to take full advantage of the southern sun.

The Beach Bistro

Among the private beaches of Marseille, that of the Bistrot Plage is a must. Located in the heart of the Vallon des Auffes, at 60 Corniche Kennedy, Marseille 7th, and built out of the rock, the Bistrot Plage is an institution in Marseille. Offering several terraces, each with its own atmosphere, they all feature warm and pleasant hues, ranging from yellow to orange.

Count a budget of 15€ for a deckchair, and benefit from a ladder plunging directly into the sea of ​​a magnificent turquoise blue. What to believe in the middle of the creeks, cut off from the world, with the only difference that you can have lunch and refresh yourself there.

The Bay of Monkeys

To take full advantage of the sun in an exceptional place, exotic and soothing, quickly book your deckchairs in this little Marseille paradise that is the Baie des Singes. There are many adjectives to describe this place, to say the least, atypical: unusual, atypical, a real semblance of the end of the world.

To get there, you will have to get away from the bustle of the city center to reach this private beach at the following address: Cap Croisette Marseille 8ᵉ, route des Goudes. Count 12€ for a pitch, and at least €18 for the dishes at the Baie des Singes restaurant. At lunchtime, it is the fisherman himself who brings you your hearty plate. And when the sun slowly approaches the horizon kissing the limestone rocks, you can enjoy the drink of your choice to take full advantage of the moment.

Same Same Beach

You will have to move away from the Vallon des Auffes and the Baie des Singes to discover the third and last private beach in Marseille. In reality, it will also be necessary to move away from Marseille and reach the magnificent little town of Cassis. Located on Bestouan beach, the Same Same Beach and its private terrace overlook the turquoise sea. Count 16€ per deckchair for the dayand 43€ per bed for the day.

To recharge your batteries, the hotel’s beach restaurant “La Plage Mahogany” offers continuous service during the day and evening during the summer period. Equipped with a bar, a snack bar and a restaurant, beds, mattresses and deckchairs, this private beach is a little piece of paradise in the very south of France. To get there, just go to this address: 19 avenue de l’amiral Ganteaume, 13260 Cassis.

Whichever private beach you choose to rest and enjoy the sun of the summer season, it is strongly recommended to plan ahead. Victims of their own success and of an ever-increasing demand, the latter are very often fully booked.

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Where to find private beaches in Marseille? – Travel Me Happy – Travel blog

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