Altro Mondo Arte Contemporanea’s new exciting shows

Altro Mondo Arte Contemporanea is pleased to present new shows at the Altro Mondo Creative Space gallery located at 1159 Chino Roces Avenue, San Antonio Village, Makati City.

They are the following:

“Marchin’ Forward”

Artists: ENim, Otto Neri, Grandier Bella, Nybal, Myk Velasco, Froilan Galpo, Jepoy Sario, and Waldz Villanueva

Ongoing until April 23

Marchin’ Forward is a group show that puts forth the artists’ positive outlook despite the ongoing crises of the world today through their work.

In the midst of the worldwide pandemic and economic constraints caused between different countries, the artists’ seek to find a silver lining and a reason to keep marching forward, so to speak, towards a more hopeful future.


Olivia d’Aboville

Ongoing until April 23

Kaleidoscope is a fitting title to describe the works included in Olivia d’Aboville’s ninth solo exhibition, composed of works that feature her signature textured fabrics — fragmented pieces of silk stitched together and manipulated through shibori and appliqué techniques — that explode into a prismatic sea of colors.

D’Aboville has always used Philippine silk as one of her mediums of choice, but the show is a departure from her usual collections typically infused with elegance, movement, and flow. These works are instead covered in its entirety with a smattering of fragmented and distorted pieces of silk that come together to make a whole, giving each new piece a bolder feel, with the illusion of fraction, distortion, and an eruption of textures and hues.

The works were inspired by a frenzied yet fulfilling period for the artist, which kept her busy at home with her family. D’Aboville relates these frenetic works to her experience as a mother during the pandemic, which she describes as chaotic, overwhelming, but nonetheless beautiful and exciting. These musings take shape in the work, with d’Aboville layering textiles upon textiles, resulting in works that are both unrestrained yet methodical in its manipulation of the artist’s chosen mediums.

The stitched together layers of fabric is d’Aboville’s attempt to stitch fragments of her life together and create something meaningful out of the waves of new feelings and experiences that washed over her during this period. They’re also a subtle an ode to being a mother and the tumultuous feelings that come with the role.

“Where We Land”

Tammy de Roca

Ongoing until April 23

Where We Land is a series of works inspired by Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse. Visual artist Tammy De Roca portrays specific memories progressing in motion, captured and relived over and over. Standing from a single viewpoint, the memory split into different iterations. The said past event is then reconstructed, affecting a present experience, to create a new perspective.

“Therefore, memories are a series of reoccurring events on a personal timeline that are altered slightly with each reconstruction.” (Lamb, H. 2014)

De Roca explores how textures build images through paintings, sculptures, and other forms. She continues to study and experiment on how our perception of appearances and images are challenged or supported by what textures represent.

Citing Elaine Navas and Mark Rothko as recent influences, she creates powerful, highly textured works of art that emphasize movement and flow. With regards to early inspiration, De Roca mentions surrealist and hyperrealist works, especially those by Camille Dela Rosa, Jon Jaylo, and of course, Ronald Ventura. She also mentions Filipina artists like Yasmin Sison and Geraldine Javier as favorites.

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Viewings for all three exhibitions are strictly by appointment only. For inquiries, please contact send a message on Facebook (@altromondoart), Instagram (@altromondoart) or via Viber or WhatsApp at 09178887872.

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Altro Mondo Arte Contemporanea’s new exciting shows

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