5 Facts about the Divorce of Vicky Prasetyo and Kalina Oktarani, Make Heads shake : Okezone Celebrity

VICKY Prasetyo and Kalina Oktarani reportedly divorced. There are many interesting facts about Vicky and Kalina’s divorce.

Even though Vicky and Kalina always seem to stick together in going through the ups and downs together. One of them was when Vicky was dragged into a case of unpleasant acts by his ex-wife, Angel Lelga. Kalina seemed so loyal to accompany and support Vicky at that time.

Here are five facts about the divorce news of Kalina Oktarani and Vicky Prasetyo that MNC Portal Indonesia has compiled from various sources, Tuesday (11/1/2022).

1. Vicky Prasetyo signals separation

Vicky Prasetyo once uploaded a confused sentence on Instagram Story. He also apologized for all his mistakes because he couldn’t be a good leader. This upload is what triggers the issue of household rifts that often spread on social media.

“Finally all stopped at the age of one year. Sorry for all the mistakes as the captain on this boat trip,” wrote Vicky on Instagram Story.

2. Kalina Oktarani is moving house

The farewell signal got stronger when Kalina Ocktaranny uploaded a photo of the two-story house that was supposed to be hers on her Instagram Story. Kalina also said that she would occupy the house in the near future.

The reason is, the house is not too far from the residence of her ex-husband, Deddy Corbuzier. So, he can be close to his only son, Azka Corbuzier.

“Bismillah, give mom a little more time to keep mom’s promise to you, cha. So that I can stay close to you again, Mama’s love,” he continued.

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3. Kalina Oktarani mengaku single

Kalina had admitted to being single in Instagram Story. At that time, he was having dinner with his two best friends, Denise Chariesta and Ivan Gunawan. Not wanting to miss the moment, Kalina then made a story on her Instagram.

On that occasion, Kalina pointed the camera at her and Denise’s face while mentioning her single status. It suddenly made Ivan Gunawan who heard it immediately shocked and asked about the condition of his household with Vicky Prasetyo.

“Are you single? You’re not with Vicky, are you?” asked Ivan Gunawan in the Instagram Story shared by Kalina.

“He he he, ouch, I am….” replied Kalina Oktarani.

Apparently, Kalina slipped up when she said that. Although the mother of one child was reluctant to answer, Ivan concluded that Kalina’s marriage to Zaskia Gotik’s ex-fiancee was indeed over. He even immediately thanked him to hear the news.

“How come I missed it?” continued Ivan.

“You don’t have to talk about it, can you?” Kalina asked.

“Thank God. Let’s cheer. Let’s cheer up,” said Ivan again, trying to encourage Kalina.

4. Vicky Prasetyo said Kalina asked to be separated

The news of the rift of Vicky and Kalina’s household was further strengthened by Vicky’s statement which said that Azka Corbuzier’s mother did intend to separate from him. The reason is, Deddy Corbuzier’s ex-wife is no longer able to deal with it.

“Yes, he asked to be separated. He was starting to feel like he couldn’t,” said Vicky Prasetyo in a television station program.

The reason is that Kalina feels jealous seeing Vicky surrounded by beautiful women every time she works. Moreover, Angel Lelga’s ex-husband had time to eat alone with the woman. Not long after, Kalina also expressed her intention to part with Vicky.

“He was jealous of my friend’s partner problem at an event. Even though I was just hanging out, let’s go play, eat at a Korean stall,” said Vicky Prasetyo.

5. Age of marriage 1 year

Despite the news of his divorce, Vicky Prasetyo seems to feel sad about the journey of his love story. The reason is, no relationship has ever lasted long throughout his life. In fact, he had never felt the celebration of a year of marriage until now.

“It’s never been a year. The same as yesterday, the one who wore a headscarf, only eight months,” said Vicky Prasetyo.

It is known that Kalina was officially married to Vicky Prasetyo on March 13, 2021. At that time, Vicky married Kalina with a dowry in the form of a set of prayer tools and Rp 130,321 in cash. Kalina was pregnant with the fruit of their marriage, but unfortunately Kalina miscarried.

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5 Facts about the Divorce of Vicky Prasetyo and Kalina Oktarani, Make Heads shake : Okezone Celebrity

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