5 Facts Behind Nagita Slavina’s Exciting Video, A Woman’s Figure Revealed, Number 2 Makes a Upset : Okezone Celebrity

VIDEO Exciting like Nagita Slavina with a duration of 61 seconds, the facts began to be revealed. Yes, the original figure of the woman’s face in the exciting video is definitely not Nagita Slavina.

This has been dismantled by one of the fan accounts of Raffi Ahmad’s wife. The original figure has blonde ombre hair and is pulled back. Her name was mentioned Miss Kay.

Furthermore, here are five exciting video facts like Nagita Slavina that MNC Portal Indonesia has summarized in full.

1. 61 seconds long

As is known, the exciting video circulating has a duration of 61 seconds. The video shows a woman who looks like Nagita Slavina naked in front of the camera. However, many netizens think that the video is the result of engineering or editing. The exciting video was first circulated allegedly through digital applications, such as Twitter and TikTok.

2. Telematics experts call 61-second exciting video not edited

Telematics expert Roy Suryo also spoke about the exciting 61-second video. According to his analysis, the woman in the video is a true figure and not a fabrication.

Roy did not deny that the woman was indeed similar to the face of Nagita Slavina. However, Roy Suryo did not want to conclude whether the female figure was Nagita Slavina or not and chose to hand it over to the police for further investigation.

“I clearly said it wasn’t engineering, this video was not engineered. This video is true, it’s true that there are people like that, with tattoos on body parts like that,” said Roy Suryo, quoted from the Twitter account @ KRMTRoySuryo2.

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3. Reported to Polres Metro

After circulating and going viral on social media, Chairman of the Indonesian Youth Congress (KPI) Pitra Romadoni submitted a report regarding the video to the Central Jakarta Metro Police. The reports provided are only evidence in the form of screenshots and video recordings.

The Central Jakarta Metro Police followed up on reports related to the exciting video allegedly resembling Nagita Slavina, registered with number B/100/I/2022/SPKT/Resort Central Jakarta/POLDA METRO JAYA. The complainant was also asked for information regarding the case by the police.

“That’s why we see the clarification from the reporter as to what the results will be. This (video) is fake, it’s the result of coordination. Later we will convey to the person concerned the results are like this,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Central Jakarta Metro Police AKBP Wisnu Wardhana.

4. Happened in 2019

Raffi Ahmad was angry to hear the slanted news regarding his wife who was called a video nasty actor. He confirmed that it was not Gigi and would report to the police.

“This has been everywhere, I need clarification when it comes to my wife. It’s not Gigi. Gigi is crazy like that,” said Raffi Ahmad.

But long before this exciting 61-second video similar to Nagita went viral, apparently a similar incident happened in 2019. Raffi was very angry and threatened the person who made and spread the hoax video about Gigi.

The owner of Rans Entertainment appealed to people who wanted to interfere with his personal life by spreading negative gossip about his wife. Raffi Ahmad certainly will not remain silent if Nagita and her children are disturbed by fake news.

“Remember! Raffi Ahmad will not be silent if his wife and children or those around him who he loves are disturbed!” said Raffi Ahmad quoted from the YouTube channel RANS Entertainment.

5. Edit only

The police confirmed that the exciting video was edited. This is based on the results of the investigation by the Central Jakarta Metro Police Satreskrim together with the Cyber ​​Sub-Directorate of the Metro Jaya Police Ditreskrimsus.

“The result of coordination with the Cyber ​​Sub-Directorate of the Polda Metro Jaya, the video is fake alias fake, the result of editing,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Central Jakarta Metro Police AKBP Wisnu Wardhana.

In addition, the Nagita Slavina fanbase account has also shown the original video. Her figure is a woman with blonde ombre hair tied back. In the video, the woman wears a black shirt with brown accents.

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5 Facts Behind Nagita Slavina’s Exciting Video, A Woman’s Figure Revealed, Number 2 Makes a Upset : Okezone Celebrity

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