A Peek at the Phenomenal Young Musician’s Slick Collaboration Performance with Fariz RM : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Phenomenal young musicians such as Ganga, Morad, Oslo Ibrahim, and Cantika Abigail will collaborate with Indonesian music legends Fariz RM. The concert, which was held on January 25, 2022, was titled Supermusic NEXTZone Live 360 ​​Virtual Concert.

The collaborative action with new and fresh musical arrangements is guaranteed to be a must-see. They will be present in the 360-degree visual treatment concept that is the hallmark of Supermusic NEXTZone Live 360 ​​Virtual Concert.

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The common thread of every concert presented by Supermusic always provides a new experience for music lovers at large. Included in the fifth edition later with the appearance of a series of young musicians with character, namely Gangga, Morad, Oslo Ibrahim, and Cantika. Moreover, they will collaborate with legendary musician Fariz RM, which will certainly produce quality and entertaining performances, both in terms of stage action and the musicality presented, “explained Adjie Aditya Purwaka representing Supermusic.

The fifth edition of Supermusic NEXTZone Live 360 ​​Virtual Concert is specifically working on the Groove Generation theme. This theme will combine the characteristics and elements of the collaborating musicians, namely Gangga, Morad, Oslo Ibrahim, and Cantika Abigail with the creative pop music dimension typical of Fariz RM. In this collaboration, apart from singing a single by each young musician, they will also perform a number of Fariz RM’s hits such as ‘Sakura’, ‘Step to the Seberang’, to ‘Barcelona’, with a completely new arrangement.

As the only female collaborator, Cantika Abigail welcomed her enthusiastically ahead of performing at the Supermusic NEXTZone Live 360 ​​Virtual Concert and the opportunity to collaborate with Fariz RM. As a leak, in the later performances, the melodious voiced GAC group personnel will present his singles entitled ‘Ace of Hearts’ and Fariz RM’s ‘Nada Kasih’ with different arrangements.

“This collaboration is something that is very interesting because when I was told the line-up, I was quite surprised that the musicians could be this diverse. In addition, by singing Om Fariz’s song and vice versa, it becomes a distinct value that music can be enjoyed and reproduced with musicians regardless of generation,” said Cantika enthusiastically.

Similarly, singer and songwriter for the pop-soul genre, Gangga Kusuma, can’t wait to perform on one stage with one of his idol musicians. At Supermusic NEXTZone Live 360 ​​Virtual Concert, Gangga is ready to present his work entitled ‘Whiskey Bottle’ and ‘Batas Rindu’ from Fariz RM with a fresh feel.

“I think the concept of this 360-degree perspective is a fresh idea and it’s an attractive as well because I personally have never seen a 360-degree concert like this. Especially as a singer who also performs, I feel that the experience is extraordinary and can appear independent, because I am not stuck with just one point of view. Anyway, this is very interesting and very exciting to watch,” said Ganga.

Supermusic NEXTZone Live 360 ​​Virtual Concert can be accessed and watched live through the website www.superlive.id for free. The collaborative action of Fariz RM and the four musicians will also bring a different sensation to the ears of the audience. The reason is that the musical arrangements in this collaboration were specially worked on by musician Nikita Dompas. Nikita Dompas’ cold hands were crucial enough to fuse the musicality of different characters from all performers into one attractive music performance package. “Nikita as music director and I agreed to take the best way, which is mutual trust, openness and mutual interpretation. So what happened was that this was really a new experience for all of us, including myself of course,” said Fariz RM.


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A Peek at the Phenomenal Young Musician’s Slick Collaboration Performance with Fariz RM : Okezone Celebrity

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