Arisa naked, the anger of the haters: “She doesn’t know what to invent anymore.” She then she publishes the photo without retouching and silences everyone

Arisa submerged by a sea of criticisms. The singer has publicly stated that he feels both donna that man, not to identify with a single gender. To do it, it is laid bare. She stripped herself of every prejudiceshowing himself without shame. Unfortunately, the too much spontaneity sometimes it comes criticized. And this is the case with Rosalba Pippain arte Arisawhich unleashed the wrath of the hater.

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The criticisms

Arisa39, has learned to accept himself and has felt the need to convey this message to many follower e fanwhich now follow it passionately. After publishing the post celebrating her naked body, Arisa was accused of having retouched the photo: “You used a little photoshop in this photo,” commented a hater ironically.

The Lucanian singer she felt so compelled to publish an original photo, without filters. Which left the petrified fan, because the body is purely identical, only some slight tweaks on the belly. Arisa wanted to silence all the criticisms – by writing: “Here is the original photo .. are you happy now?” – unleashing, alas, others.

Because it got worse .. the criticisms on the body were not enough, Arisa was swamped by sexist comments and gratuitous offenses. She was given a bad name just for posting a photo like her mom she took it.

A user wrote: “Since as a singer it is worth zero now try to do the z ….”, comment then taken up by theartist and published on the stories of Instagram.

Arisa’s answer

Arisa does not give up, however, continues with his head held high and has preferred to answer all the criticisms with a smile: «Don’t worry, everything is fine. I’m too cool. ‘

A true champion of body positivitystands up to criticism and always knows how to defend itself, thus sending positive messages to the community of fan.

“I feel both a woman and a man”

And then Arisahe wanted to deepen the topic gender fluid and he explained why he feels himself to be both a woman and a man: «They are all women: because every woman hides the Universe within herself and we are all part of it. Beautiful, ugly, intelligent and sometimes even stupid and superficial. I’m your whore, I’m the saint who forgives you, the fool who pretends to understand. The one who kicks you out of the house when she’s had enough. And I am also a man: because a single woman in a society that is still so retrograde or male chauvinist must learn to be one. She must be strong and rude, able to fight the most vulgar machismo and misunderstanding on the part of some others of us, without ever losing her femininity, continuing to love. And I don’t find anything wrong with that. ‘

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Arisa naked, the anger of the haters: “She doesn’t know what to invent anymore.” She then she publishes the photo without retouching and silences everyone

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