Beautiful Pilot Athira Farina Makes a Girlband to Make Deddy Corbuzier smitten, Let’s Get To Know! : Okezone Celebrity

DEDDY Corbuzier is very interested and intends to buy Girlband D’Angels. One of the personnel is the beautiful pilot Athira Farina.

If you look at his uploads on Instagram. Azka Corbuzier’s father uploaded footage of D’Angels’ latest music video titled Cipika Cipiki.

“I’m interested in buying this girl group. This is really satire! Link on my IG story,” wrote Deddy Corbuzier in his statement.

D’Angels itself is a new Indonesian girl group consisting of seven beautiful and talented women. They have just released their first song titled Cipika Cipiki. Intrigued by the figure of these seven women? Summarized from various sources, see the following reviews.

1. Bella Kuku Tanesia

Bella Kuku Tanesia is an Indonesian actress, YouTuber, and presenter. She was born in Blora on December 4, 1997. Bella herself has often appeared on the small screen. He had a role in the film 3 Choices of Life, Neysha: I’m a Fisherman’s Child, and Patience is a Test. Not infrequently, Bella also appears in soap operas, TV shows, and Indonesian web series. Bella’s name skyrocketed after becoming a successful food vlogger. Now, his YouTube channel already has 769 thousand subscribers

2. Athira Farina


Athira Farina is a young female pilot in the country. He has pocketed a high flying hours, which is 3000 flight hours. Athira Farina was born on January 7, 1992. Since childhood, she has had a high curiosity about the person who flies the plane.

Athira Farina’s appearance in the MV D’Angels was quite interesting. Even though he doesn’t seem to contribute much sound, Athira’s appearance is so cool as a DJ. Moreover, Athira is known as a tomboy in her daily life. The joining of Athira among these feminine women then became the spotlight of netizens.

3. Tamara Dai


Tamara Dai is known as a content creator and fashion designer from Indonesia. This beautiful girl was born on August 20, 1990. Tamara has a Sunda-Hong Kong lineage from her parents. On Instagram and TikTok, Tamara often uploads her designs and mix and match clothes.

In addition, Tamara also has a hobby of singing since childhood. He even collaborated with Eka Gustiwana on a song called Mistreated in March 2020. His name skyrocketed after being a guest star on Deddy Corbuzier’s podcast. At that time, Tamara gave a gift to Deddy in the form of several packs of Oreo Supreme, each of which was valued at hundreds of thousands of rupiah.

4. Karen Kurniawan

Karen Kurniawan is an Indonesian celebrity who often uploads a variety of exciting content. Starting from reviews of unique items, skincare, bodycare to cooking tips, they are also discussed in their social media accounts. The interesting fact is that Karen is the sister-in-law of Chef Arnold’s brother. His name skyrocketed after discussing BTS Meal on the Deddy Corbuzier podcast. To date, Karen already has 1.9 million followers on TikTok and 45.9 thousand on Instagram.

5. Irene Felicia

Irene Felicia is a digital creator, singer and beautiful model in Indonesia. He often uploads song cover content on his Instagram. In addition, Irene also often shares skincare tips on social media. Not infrequently, he dresses fashionable and becomes a role model for his fans.

6. Kezia Clarita

Kezia Clarita is known as a beautiful beauty vlogger who often looks fashionable on various occasions. This beautiful girl was born in Jakarta on May 7, 2001. Kezia started her career through YouTube in 2015. As the world of social media grew, Kezia tried her luck as a celebgram and TikToker. As a result, now Kezia Clarita is flooded with endorsements and has 488 thousand followers on Instagram and more than 343,000 followers on TikTok.

7. Adeline Pratika

Adeline Pratika is a design artist who was born on June 20, 2002. She is quite active in sharing design tips on TikTok. Now, his account already has more than 548 thousand followers. Apart from being smart about design, Adeline’s beautiful face also stole the attention. No wonder the men immediately fell in love with it.

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Beautiful Pilot Athira Farina Makes a Girlband to Make Deddy Corbuzier smitten, Let’s Get To Know! : Okezone Celebrity

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