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JAKARTAAnggi Marito is a graduate of the Indonesian Idol Special Season talent show who managed to qualify for the Top 3 round. Since appearing on Indonesian Idol SS, Anggi’s figure has stolen the public’s attention because of her melodious voice and beautiful face. No wonder this girl from North Sumatra has many fans who are known as Angginatic.

A girl whose full name is Anggi Marito Theodora Simanjuntak was born in Tarutung, North Sumatra, on March 6, 2002. Anggi Marito has shown her interest in singing from a young age. His interest grew when he saw his mother practice the choir at the church she was still in elementary school at that time.

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On November 12, 2021, Anggi Marito released his first single, entitled How to Love You. Single Cara Cintamu is a creation by Robinson Lokang & Mario G Klau. This song is perfect for Anggi Marito’s character with pop ballad music, which is Anggi’s first song choice. Not only that, this song was beautifully arranged by Tohpati, who has often reaped the success of a number of Indonesian artists or music groups thanks to his cold hands in arranging songs.

Now, Anggi Marito is actively entertaining fans through social media, one of which is YouTube. Anggi often creates fun content such as song covers, vlogs, and others. One of the newest content is the appearance of Anggi singing ‘How to Love You’ in the autotune version versus the no autotune version.

Autotune is a device used to measure and change the pitch during a recording. This device is usually used by singers when recording so that their voices sound more melodious.

When Anggi sang Cara Cintamu, the song sounded very melodious in both versions. The comments column was filled with support and praise for him. For those who are curious, let’s take a peek at Anggi’s appearance only on Anggi Marito’s YouTube channel!

PT Suara Mas Abadi (SMA) with the label Hits Records is a company engaged in the recording industry under PT Star Media Nusantara (SMN) which is part of PT MNC Studios International Tbk.

Hits Records has established its focus on music genres of Pop, Folks, RnB, etc. Hits Records’ success can be seen from its talents, such as Andmesh Kamaleng, Mahalini Raharja, Nuca, Novia Bachmid, etc.

PT Suara Mas Abadi developed itself by forming a digital division called StarHits with a focus on monetizing the digital assets of the MNC group, collaborating with many content creators to produce quality content.

StarHits is also designated by YouTube as an MCN (Multi Channel Network). Apart from providing services in content management, StarHits aims to effectively distribute content across media platforms to increase audience reach, content or copyright protection, & content monetization.

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Bring Ways to Love You, Check the Differences in Anggi Marito’s Voice Without Autotune : Okezone Celebrity

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