Carlo Verdone at “Today is another day” the 40 years of “Borotalco”: the memory of Angelo Infanti and Lucio Dalla furioso

Carlo Verdone guest of Serena Bortone a “Today is another day” his RaiUno. It is the 40th anniversary of the cult film “Borotalco” from Carlo Verdone and the actor director was in fact accompanied Eleonora Giorgi and Rossella Infanti, daughter of Angelo Infanti, who played the role of the legendary Manuel Fantoni in the film.

At “Today is another day” Carlo Verdone, Eleonora Giorgi and Rossella Infanti

Carlo Verdone, Eleonora Giorgi and Rossella Infanti to “Today is another day”

Carlo Verdone guest of Serena Bortone at “Today is another day” his RaiUno. It is 40 years since the release of the cult film “Borotalco” e Carlo he wanted to remember Angelo Infanti, the legendary Manuel Fantoni: «I owe him a lot – he said – I saw him for the first time at Sergio Leone’s house, handsome, a bit playboy, nice … I thought it was ideal to take Magda away from Furio. Sergio told me to give him an audition which in the end lasted three minutes, it was fantastic…. The monologue on “Cargo flying the Liberian flag” is legendary, which is a monologue adapted from an old radio job of mine ».

In the studio also the daughter of Angelo Infanti, Rossella, also an actress, who told an anecdote about her father’s life: «There was the guardian of the Zagarolo cemetery who was in difficulty living there and invited him to live at home with him. He answered the phone and Dad had taught him to say the name of whoever he was calling aloud to avoid talking to those he didn’t want. In what case he said to the interlocutor: “No … Mr. Angelo is not there, he left for America this morning but he will come back soon … tonight!”. Dad moved and laughed like Manuel Fantoni even in life, but he was also fragile and reserved. He left me a great thing, the teaching to live lightly. Knowing how to play down is a gift and he used a smile against the troubles of life. I’m an actress like him too, but lately I’ve moved away because I’ve had family problems ».

The music of Borotalco were composed by Lucio Dalla, who at first had to say: «Banners of the film began to come out to announce its release. The inscription music by Lucio Dalla it was bigger than mine, that I was the director, and that of the name of the film. He called me very angry, he said he had never seen such a thing before, he wanted to stop the screening of the first. Then he went and got a big round of applause as a tribute. So he called me and asked me to write his smaller name next time. ‘

Sul set Carlo Verdone he always tries to create a relaxed environment: «The serene atmosphere on the set is fundamental, because if there is no lightness and unity it is difficult. The one where there was the most was in the film “Classmates”, Which has 19 actors and there could be jealousies and problems, but nothing. In the 70s there were still directors screaming, but that is a way to ruin and make them anxious, instead you have to be thoughtful and possibly even make them laugh ».

Eleonora Giorgi was co-star of Borotalco: «I was engaged to a friend of his. He told us that in class he had a crazy boy, who was doing incredible imitations. It was Carlo! A great observer because he has a great love for humanity, with the desire to tell it. When I did “Borotalco“I was already famous, I came to Nino Manfredi and I would then work with Mastroianni. Some had advised me not to do it, but nobody talks about those films instead Borotalco remained in history. Carlo made me the most beautiful character of my career, intelligent and candid. Once we did six takes of a scene because we always burst out laughing ».

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Carlo Verdone at “Today is another day” the 40 years of “Borotalco”: the memory of Angelo Infanti and Lucio Dalla furioso

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