Doc – in your hands, Luca Bernabei: “Connect in time, a bombshell will happen immediately”

Luca Bernabei reveals Doc’s secrets – in your hands: “Connect in time because a bombshell will immediately happen”. At Non stop news, on RTL 102.5 the CEO of Lux Vide, explained, on the occasion of the #DocDay, how covid will be treated in the series. And there is no shortage of spoilers.

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«First I want to clarify that the covid will not be thematic throughout the series. There will be a beginning – Luca Bernabei explained to Non stop news, on RTL 102.5 – a series of things will happen and then we will go beyond the covid. I think everyone has had enough. We will make a special episode, which will be a covid episode, a bomb, very tough. One thing will happen at the beginning, then we will go on to tell something else. We didn’t feel like subjecting everyone to this, but surely there is a crazy episode. When we shoot we always have doctors, real nurses on the set who control the gestures and actions of the actors. All scripts are super monitored. The actors experienced what our Italian doctors live, whom I always thank and acted as people who have lived like this in the wards for two years “

Then he talks about how complex it is to make a medical TV series. Especially in a time of pandemic that we are all experiencing. «When RAI asked me to do a medical series, I said that historically they had all gone wrong. Medical is very complicated, we are all afraid of suffering in some way. For a screenwriter, the struggle between life and death is very interesting. Said this, DOC is a hospital where you would like to stay, a house where you would like to be treated, this is the secret of the series. We would all like to be a DOC doctor or Giulia or Spollon or the others. This is one of the reasons for the success. These are doctors who work with passion but have compassion for the patient », continues the CEO of Lux Vide.

There is no shortage of spoilers related to the new series. At Non stop news Bernabei says: «What can I say? The nurse, the head nurse, so I’ll spoil you, will have a love story. Who will it be with? Tomorrow night there is a crazy start, please log in in time because a bomb event will happen immediately».

Surely, “Doc – in your hands“is a TV series that is also loved abroad.
“We in Italy have wonderful doctors who work in decadent structures. The series was actually sold all over the world, it was the most successful of the season in France, surely this shows a beautiful image of Italy – he reports – What we tell in this series is people who do their job well, he does it with passion, love and dedication. Italy has infinite resources, we are one of the seven industrialized countries in the world, every year we like to tell stories of redemption and stories of people who do their job well. As well as Blanca, who talks about disability and how to overcome disability. DOC, the true story of the doctor who inspired us, really lost twelve years of memory and had to go back to life. I think the best thing is to tell that each of us has a lack, we are all disabled in some way, but each of us can fight to overcome it. You can do personal work to fight your weaknesses ».

We are already thinking about the third season. “The other day even the actors themselves wanted a spoiler about what’s going to happen. We are working on it, this season there are three really interesting entries: Giusi Buscemi, both her role and that of Alice Arcuri will be very interesting, a strange antagonist of DOC but there is something tender between the two », word of Bernabei.

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Doc – in your hands, Luca Bernabei: “Connect in time, a bombshell will happen immediately”

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