Facts about the Relationship of Vicky Prasetyo and Kalina Octaranny, Called Marriage Setting to Divorce: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTAVicky Prasetyo and Kalina Octaranny is back in the spotlight. The two are reportedly divorced, even though they have not yet been married for 1 year.

The news was revealed by Kalina Octaranny around the end of December 2021. He even admitted that he had separated from his house and did not get a living from the presenter. However, Vicky Prasetyo admitted that he had not divorced the woman he married in March 2021.

Well, to discuss more about the journey of their relationship. Here are the facts as summarized Okayzone, Thursday (20/1/2022).

1. Married

Vicky Prasetyo and Kalina Octarannya were serially married at The Lodge Golf at Jagorawi, Bogor, West Java, on March 13, 2021. Their wedding was broadcast live on Vicky Prasetyo’s YouTube channel.

“Brother Vicky Prasetyo, I will marry you and I will marry you Vicky Prasetyo bin Hermanto to Erie Oktarani Binti Sardie Asairi with a dowry of a set of prayer tools and Rp130,321 paid in cash,” said the head of the village, Hasyim Adnani.

Vicky in a loud voice then replied “I accept the marriage and the marriage of Erie Oktarani bint Sardie Asairi with the dowry paid in cash.”

Their marriage was also held under strict health protocols. Considering the Covid-19 pandemic, which at that time was not over.

2. Marriage is called a setting

Vicky Prasetyi and Kalina Octaranny’s happiness was hit by oblique issues. The two are called only married because of the setting.

This is also without reason, because Vicky Prasetyo’s track record often changes partners and is often called setting marriage.

The news was denied by both. They often share their affection on each other’s Instagram. Kalina Octaranny also admitted that he was not interested in Vikcy Prasetyo until he finally melted because of the good nature of the man who was nicknamed the gladiator.

3. Split Signal

Not even a year into their marriage, Vicky Prasetyo and Kalina Octaranny’s household is said to have cracked. They even hinted at their separation on their respective personal Instagrams.

Like Vicky Prasetyo, who once uploaded a confused sentence on Instagram. He also apologized for all his mistakes because he couldn’t be a good leader. This upload is what triggers the issue of household rifts that often spread on social media.

“Finally all stopped at the age of one year. Sorry for all the mistakes as the captain on this boat trip,” wrote Vicky on Instagram Story.

The farewell signal got stronger when Kalina Ocktaranny uploaded a photo of the two-story house that was supposed to be hers on her Instagram Story. Kalina also said that she would occupy the house in the near future.

The reason is, the house is not too far from the residence of her ex-husband, Deddy Corbuzier. So, he can be close to his only son, Azka Corbuzier.

“Bismillah, give mom a little more time to keep mom’s promise to you, cha. So that I can stay close to you again, Mama’s love,” he continued.

4. Vicky Prasetyo Says Haven’t Dropped Divorce

Vikcy Prasetyo then opened his voice regarding the issue of his divorce with Kalina Octaranny. He admitted that he had not divorced the ex-wife of Deddy Corbuzier.

“From Kalina’s point of view, maybe yes (divorce), if she bids farewell, that’s her right, but from a personal perspective, there is no divorce,” said Vicky on Youtube Seleb Oncam News.

He says indeed the fight between them has been going on for a long time. But Vicky said he was trying to repair the relationship. If it can’t be fixed, he also admits that he will part on good terms.

5. Kalina Octaranny’s anger to the point of not being given alimony

Kalina Octaranny spilled her frustration on Vicky Prasetyo recently. He seemed annoyed after seeing the presenter visiting his mother, even though he thought he had never cared.

Kalina Octaranny also said that Vicky Prasetyo had asked for divorce many times in November 2021. In fact, he even said that he was no longer getting a living from the man he married on March 13, 2021.

“Don’t just corner me everywhere by being nice and wanting to defend. When in fact there is no income,” said Kalina Octaranny, quoted from Insta Story.

On that occasion, Kalina Octaranny also denied profiting from the news of their fractured relationship. He even admitted to avoiding the news.

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Facts about the Relationship of Vicky Prasetyo and Kalina Octaranny, Called Marriage Setting to Divorce: Okezone Celebrity

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