GF Vip, episode of January 21: Federica, Soleil and Kabir in nomination

GF Vip, January 21: Federica, Soleil and Kabir in nomination. The eliminated from last night’s episode are Valeria Marini and Giacomo Urtis. As always, the Alex Belli – Soleil – Delia triangle holds the ground, fortunately there is also room for love. The chronicle minute by minute on

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01.34 The 36th episode of Big Brother Vip, the reality show produced by Endemol Shine Italy, ends here. Appointment on Monday 24 January with the live from Thanks for joining us.

01.31 Signorini announces the outcome of the nominations. Televoting officially open

01.25 Federica, Soleil and Kabir in nomination. The televoting on Monday, however, is not elimination. The most voted VIP will surely be safe

01.20 Jessica – Soleil. Manila – Federica. Lulu – Soleil

01.18 Katia – Federica

01.10 Valeria Marini and Giacomo Urtis in the studio

01.06 Barù – Delia. Sophie – Gianmaria

01.05 Kabir – Federica. Delia – Alessandro. Giucas – Nathaly

00.58 Federica and Alessandro appoint Kabir. Miriana – Soleil

00.53 Davide – Federica

00.50 Nathaly – Sun. Gianmaria-Kabir. Sun – Delia

00.49 Let’s start with the nominations

00.45 Birthday surprise for Katia Ricciarelli

00.40 The immune of the pundits are: Jessica and Sophie

00.39 The immunes of this week are: Katia, Barù, Lulù and Manila

00.37 Alfonso Signorini asks Manuel to give his final answer on Monday on the choice to leave the house. For this reason he will not participate in the nominations.

00.28 For Soleil there is a letter from his father, Soleil in tears

00.23 Finally a caress also for Soleil, before the life line

00.16 Amoruso: «My love you have defended indefensible people, you have also gone against me, but never doubt the beautiful person you are. You don’t have to lose sight of one important thing: that’s not real life. You are not responsible for what others say, you don’t have to be. Now walk with your legs, use your head anytime and anywhere. We don’t have millions of followers but the ones we have are right. Never give up”

GF Vip, Delia tries to humiliate Soleil: “Look for me on Wikipedia”, but the page does not exist

00.12 We turn the page, Manila is about to meet her Lorenzo

23.57 Back to the Bruganelli – Volpe dispute

11.45 Alex returns Aldo is furious: “You’re ridiculous, you put your finger in my face”, Belli continues to provoke: “Everyone knows that you can only raise your hands”

GF Vip, Manuel madly in love with Lulu: «You are the life I can’t live. I love you”

23.40 To be eliminated are the couple Valeria Marini and Giacomo Urtis

23.38 The first to be saved is Davide, then Federica

23.36 On televoting this Friday: Davide Silvestri, Federica Calemme, Jessica Selassié and Valeria Marini & Giacomo Urtis

23.34 Belli left the studio due to a clash with Montano who throws a jab: “He is a very low level porvocatore”

GF Vip, Alex unloads Delia and has eyes only for Soleil: “Do you think I’m here to come and recover my marriage?”

23.23 Manuel: «I recognized my mistakes, if I gave so much weight to things it made us become what we are. I see our future together, I entered here because I wanted to do it alone, now I know that outside I can also do it with a woman “

23.19 Among the wonderful words written but Manuel to Lulu: «You are the life I cannot live. I would stop time if I could. When I see how you love me I come back to life, I feel invincible … I love you “

23.16 The page is turned, Manuel wants to leave Big Brother’s house. The champion wrote a beautiful love letter for Lulu. Let’s see the clip

GF Vip, Soleil attacks Manila: “I was sick and you weren’t there”. Lulu blurts out: “You’re false”

23.09 Alex Belli did the “Supercazzola” for Adriana Volpe, no one is clear with whom the actor wants to be

22.55 The passion that Belli put on was not there Delia underlines Alfonso: «Delia is no longer connected with who I am. Do you think I’m here to come and recover my marriage? I will be with you in whatever choice you make “

22.53 Soleil: “The truth is that there was no longer this friendship, diminish and commercialize our relationship”, Delia: “I’m going against my marriage to defend myself, you have always been consistent, you have defended me, we have been shaky but we have always been there and sexuality is not our problem. In 2022 they want to label what we are “

10:49 PM Soleil: «I want to point out some things I didn’t like: the first is because you are in this crisis and is Delia here? I found it all a bit strange, outside they talked about theater. Another thing is that she came in saying very heavy things about “what happened under the covers” and I would like to say it and you owe it to me out of respect. I was the first to want to ask you for a position in this story ». Belli: «Our friendship is the cause of all this and I always defend you. I am fighting an incredible battle, our relationship is higher than what they want to commodify. I found a woman who was lost, I’m arguing for an answer under a tweet “

22.47 Now it’s up to Soleil to have a confrontation

22.43 Delia: “Respect is important to me, there are many forms of love”. Alex approaches Delia to give her a ring which she can’t take

22.40 Signorini asks Alex why he insists on posting on Soleil: «That is a post of thanks for the fans. Our problem cannot be a tweet », Delia asks to stop publishing

22.37 Delia wants Alex to explain what it means to have a free relationship: “Explain it because it does not mean that you can go with other women”, Belli: “We are not the couple of the white mill, we played with their cards exposed from the beginning, stop it to cry on you, Delia is the love of my life “

22.33 Delia on the catwalk: “What do you want to do in your life? Instead of protecting our love you keep writing. I’m about to take this damn ring off and throw it away. Why don’t you escape? », Alex:« They didn’t show you the post I made about you. I chose you when I went out, it is inutikle that you do Santa Maria Goretti. This rings that you get trampled by those people who denigrate our love. I have a friendship with Sole, and that’s another thing. The version of events you have to give yourself is the truth. I know they were strong images, but we are something else, it’s a free relationship “

22.30 Katia: “I’ve never interfered, but all that is embarrassing for a woman”, Even more cutting Nathalie: “It’s vomiting”

22.26 The Vpponi see Alex Belli’s reaction to the plane

22.23 Soleil: «Seeing that plane was a good moment, whether it’s his or the fans. In true love there are other principles and a respect on the part of both ». Delia interrupts her and the fight ignites

22.21 Delia: «I have to look Alex in the eye, I don’t want to follow this antics anymore. I want to understand what he wants, I can’t be the one to continue to forgive him without his support. If he’s a real man he has to come and talk to me because I’m tired “

22.18 After the plane flew to the house, Delia went into a deep crisis and the whole house is with her. Clip

22.04 Lulu: «Soleil is a fake. Manila has done nothing wrong, it has only welcomed a person who is suffering, and as a woman it was right to welcome it. Sophie has been insulted by Soleil since September, Soleil only approached her because she was alone “

22.01 Katia: «There is no fracture, I’m sorry that you are angry with Manila because it is not the case. Manila with me I have nothing to clarify “

21.59 Manila: «Soleil I want her to be sincere, I looked for her. I am not a girl but a woman, the principles of friendship are to make a wall when you are attacked. Friendship is shown even after four months. I am isolating myself in my room and in that room there is Delia who asks me how I am, I speak to her “

21:58 Soleil: «I was hurt by the fact that at a time when I was sick Manila was close to Delia and not to me. He gave rope to a handful of people who can’t wait to give rope to throw mud at me. I was sick and you weren’t there “

21.52 With the entry of Delia, Manila has moved a little away from Soleil. Clip

21.46 Even the commentators this week if they played with good reason

21.44 Alex Belli arrives in the studio: «I was upset, you can’t leave a person for a tweet or a fan plane. Tonight I have things to say to Delia and Sole. Soleil is always torn, because I have told a story of Delia that does not correspond with what she saw. My love cannot be boxed, labeled “

21.43 Delia would have decided to leave Alex Belli, a plane on the Solex flew over the house

21.39 Alfonso Signorini’s advances on the Belli – Delia – Soleil triangle

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Alex Belli returns to the Casa del Big Brother Vip, but who will be the comparison? : The past few days have been very turbulent and there has been a lot of talk among the competitors about the “Delia-Alex-Soleil triangle”. Manila Nazzaro will receive a special surprise from comrade Lorenzo Amoruso.

On televoting this Friday: Davide Silvestri, Federica Calemme, Jessica Selassié and Valeria Marini & Giacomo Urtis.

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GF Vip, episode of January 21: Federica, Soleil and Kabir in nomination

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