GF Vip, Katia Ricciarelli out of control. From «Monkey» to «But is he normal or is he gay?», All the slips of the soprano

GF Vip, Katia Ricciarelli out of control. From “Monkey” to “but it is normal”, here are the slips of the soprano. Inside and outside the house it has been defined “the untouchable of the conductor”, it has never ended up in nomination and is always been a favorite, but something is changing. Let’s go in order.

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After the last quarrel with Lulù Selassiè, a storm broke out inside and outside the house of Big Brother Vip against Katia Ricciarelli. The soprano is not new to dialectical slips against some competitors of the GF Vip; slips that have always been justified, both by Alfonso Signorini and by some of the tenants of the house. Unhappy phrases that, probably, said by less prestigious competitors, would have given rise to severe punishments.

Let’s start with the most recent, said in recent days after the live broadcast on Monday 3 January which was particularly lively in which Katia Ricciarelli quarreled with Miriana Trevisan and Lulù Selassiè. On the princess, in particular, Ricciarelli’s fury has exploded and videos with her statements circulate on social media.

In one of the videos there is Soleil talking about Lulu’s reaction during the obvious nominations with Katia Ricciarelli appealing: “Who? That monkey there…the princess who stands with her legs open ». During the quarrel, Princess Selassie tells her: “Go to school.” Katia counters with: «You go to school. In your country you go to school, that perhaps they have not taught you anything ». Lulù’s response is immediate: «I was born in Italy, first. Secondly, never allow yourself again, because people have accustomed you badly. ” Hence the hashtag, first trending on twitter #FuoriKatia.

But wanting to make a list of all the unhappy words used by Katia Ricciarelli, we cannot but remember the outburst a few weeks ago with Davide against Manuel Bortuzzo: «This too has expired for me, he opens the door and does not close it». With the actor ready to run for cover explaining to Ricciarelli of Manuel’s difficulty in closing the door because of the ramp.

Wanting to go further back in time, Ricciarelli he appealed in a non-edifying way Soleil, with whom she now has an excellent relationship, and called Miriana the “Keeper of a casino” and often speaking to her friends in the Manila and Soleil house, called her “Bitch” or said “I throw a shoe in her face …. I make a hole in her head».

We also remember his exclamation «You look a little rich» talking to Alex Belli for wearing a colored shirt, and again «But Is Biagio normal or is he gay? I hope not, otherwise all the men on the street are lost here », when D’Anelli enters the house.

Obviously Katia Ricciarelli belongs to another generation, less sensitive in avoiding using certain terms, and some of her releases can be partially justified for this reason; at other times his “unhappy phrases” were not evil, but the offspring of a way of “joking” that belongs to the past. But it is also true that in these months of “life” in the Gf’s house, Katia Ricciarelli has not changed her attitude in any way, quite the contrary.

During the live shows, Ricciarelli has never been scolded, indeed very often it has been more than justified, but the situation now seems to be really getting out of hand and the social networks are clamoring for measures against her. But above all, if these unhappy phrases had been written by a simple user on twitter, what would have been unleashed?

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GF Vip, Katia Ricciarelli out of control. From «Monkey» to «But is he normal or is he gay?», All the slips of the soprano

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