Highsnob and Hu in Sanremo: “Take care of yourself points to the heart, a slogan that sings love”

Not a couple born at the table. But artistically together out of mutual esteem. Here are Federica Ferracuti, aka Hu, and Michele Matera, aka Highsnob, competing at the Sanremo Festival with the song urban Abbi cura di te, written by rapper Highsnob with beatmaker Andrea Moroni. She is twenty-seven years old, from Fermo, ranging from jazz music, to composition, to producer, she participated in AmaSanremo in 2021. Thirty-six, from Avellino, he, a rapper with millions of views and streams (La Tocco Piano, Wannabe, Wannabe 3, Bugie da bere): “Stop everything, I told him when he made me listen to the draft – says Hu – It’s a slogan . It tastes like magic ».

They promise that on the stage of the Ariston they will enjoy everything, “without having to look like anyone, but aiming at the hearts of the people”. And on that stage, they will meet Emma (“she is a strong woman whom I respect immensely,” says Hu who was his session player at concerts), The Representative of Lista (“We were on vacation with them in Sicily”), Rkomi: “Amadeus he made balanced choices, half urban and half pop ».

What do you expect?
High. A whirlwind of positive emotions. We have nothing to lose. Singing with an orchestra will be great. When we can say the name of who will direct us, we will amaze you ». Hu «It’s a piece that works strings and voice, piano and voice, production and voice».

The message?
High. «Take care of yourself has a universal meaning of good and love in all forms that does not need interpretation. We want to bring the purity of expressiveness ».
Hu. «It will be difficult to communicate it on TV, because it is different from a concert. We will focus on simplicity ».
Baby is one of the terms that recurs frequently in lyrics this year.
High. “I used it in rap not as a reference to anyone. But as a metric glue, to make the stanzas flow ».
She will be one of the women competing at a time when there is so much talk about gender.
Hu. “Since I started making music, I have focused on making what I did normal. Without thinking about the woman / man combination. I am an emerging artist who comes out of nowhere. Nobody gave me anything. I have always had everything uphill, for a series of experiences, of health. Being a woman surrounded by men didn’t give me any problems. I continued to study and to go my own way. Without shortcuts. I hope to be teaching for many like me who come from nowhere but who dream of doing something ».
You are an outsider in Sanremo: but does the distinction between insider and outsider really still exist today?
High. «Outsider is a term linked to the Sanremo public. We were told that it would be useless to send the song to Amadeus because there would be 700 artists who would try (they were half of it). Miracles, on the other hand, happen. It was a surprise. And we have no expectations ».
Hu. “He said it was the last song he listened to and the first he chose. Knowing it is special for us ».
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Highsnob and Hu in Sanremo: “Take care of yourself points to the heart, a slogan that sings love”

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