Laura Freddi is back on TV and dreams: «The Gf? I did it for money. Now I would like my own program “

«Always grateful to It is not Rai, but sometimes that’s enough (jokes, ed). I try not to talk about it, but it’s impossible. It is not the Rai is indelible. I dreamed of being an interpreter when I went to the audition to be able to pay for my studies. I went with my mother. Behind the camera, Gianni Boncompagni and Irene Ghergo (creators of the program, ed). I was 19, fate was marking my path. Even if, from an early age, I spent hours in the mirror dancing and recording fake commercials with the cassette player ». Thirty years have passed, Laura Freddi she’s 50 now. She’s a happy mom, after ups and downs. She and she is a regular guest on “Today is another day” by Serena Bortone on Rai1.

Who is Laura Freddi?

«It hurts me if it starts with this question (laughs, editor’s note). I don’t like to describe myself, but I try. I am true and loyal. An optimist, even if Ginevra (four and a half years old, her daughter had by her partner Leonardo D’Amico, ed) has changed me. I have more fears ».

And the defects?

“I’m diplomatic. Even if being one, in my world, is not so much a defect ».

His world is TV. You start with a cult program.

«I was already doing TV. I remember with a fluffy tuft on my head. It was a sports broadcast, we recorded in Naples in the evening. I was still going to school, and I took the plane at dawn to be punctual for class in Rome the next day ».

Between respectability and politically correct, what would it be today Isn’t it Rai?

“Already at the time we were the image of the Lolita. We were criticized, we were considered evil, the devil, they accused us of going on the air naked. In reality it wasn’t like that, we weren’t even wearing makeup. Whoever wanted to see malice, she saw it. Today I don’t know if it would be worse. It’s not Rai or some reality shows ».

But she participated in a reality show.

“I had to do it for money. I’m not ashamed. I would not have done it and at first I could not bear the idea of ​​being closed. I then re-evaluated it, “Il Grande Fratello” (in 2016 as a competitor, in 2021 as a commentator, ed) brought me closer to a younger audience. I’ve been through good times and bad times. After Good Sunday they put me on the back burner. But then, always in the corner, came the memory of Non è la Rai, with whom I remained in the hearts of the people. And I must say, also very attached to some girls, like Cristina Quaranta (among the new competitors of the GF Vip, ed) ».

The lowest moment?

“The one where I lost everything. A 12-year labor lawsuit that could have been avoided, were it not for the greed and wickedness of the people. I did it thanks to me, my family and devotion to Padre Pio ».

Like Bruganelli. By the way, his name is still linked to that of Paolo Bonolis.

“Even though it’s been years. His wife Sonia does not want her to be identified as “the wife of”. I understand it well because I too am still defined as “the ex of”. There was no lack of allegations there either. But people are envious. And we are more used to wickedness “.

Did he give you any advice?

“I don’t really know who the prima donna was between him and me in those days. I started making “Smoke Signals” for Videomusic, with Caparezza who was Mikimix at the time, shot in a garage in Milan. And Paolo didn’t agree so much. At the beginning they told me that I was not doing well, that I did not know how to present. And I repeated to myself that I was not stupid and that I had to make it, that I had to learn ».

Is there a woman in the show who watches with admiration?

There are many women. From Raffaella Carrà, whose humility only grown-ups have, to Heather Parisi, to Lorella Cuccarini, a terminator of energy, between children and work ».

But what are you dreaming of?

«I would like to (finally) run my own program. And I’d like to go back to the theater ».

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Laura Freddi is back on TV and dreams: «The Gf? I did it for money. Now I would like my own program ”

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