Marco Morandi at Parioli in Rome: “I bring Mia Martini, artist and woman on stage: sung by a man”

“Courage is the word I have heard most about this undertaking,” he says Marco Morandi. Because it is a daring undertaking “Call me Mimi”, The musical monologue by Paolo Logli directed by Norma Martelli who, with Morandi jr. (son of Gianni and Laura Efrikian) and the actress Claudia Campagnola, arrives on Monday in Roma, at the Parioli Theater. A tribute to Mia Martini: the woman and the artist.

It may seem strange that Mia Martini’s songs are sung by a man.

“But here’s the difference. When Logli and Campagnola called me for advice – what name could I suggest to them to reinterpret Mimì’s songs on stage – I immediately proposed: here I am. Precisely to avoid, with that unattainable model, the confrontation with another female voice. These pieces performed by a man may perhaps offer a different reading, a new weight to words. Always staying true to their spirit. Men have always written for Mimi: from Califano to Fossati, from Lauzi to Baldan Bembo ».

What was the effect of this shift of gaze in the audience?

«At the end of the show someone came to the dressing room to say: I paid more attention to the lyrics. Even sung, words must always be protected. And in the lyrics, mind you, we have not touched any declination, it is always all female, we would not have allowed ourselves, even in these times of final “asterisks”. Yes, it’s true, Califano sang “Minuet” in the male but he was the author. Musically then everything is very clear, simple, guitar or piano and my voice, I only adapted a few tones, pushed or decelerated where necessary ».

What Mimi comes out of the show?

“It was certainly not necessary to reiterate the artist’s undisputed greatness, but we believe that in the parts played by Claudia Campagnola – Mimì as a child, a girl, a woman in a first-person story – her soul, her suffering, her joy also come out, certain bitter disappointments as in the monologue in which, paradoxically, he accuses poets of being ugly people because they push you to fall in love ».

His Mia Martini playlist.

«In my head“ The snow of ’56 ”because it makes my Roman soul vibrate and“ At least you in the universe ”which I consider a masterpiece. How angry I got as a kid, I was 15, when he presented her in Sanremo and only arrived ninth. I threw myself at the television. ‘

Has dad Gianni seen the show?

“Yes, and he was moved.”

What does Marco Morandi as a musician have in store for the future?

“I wrote a few new songs during this hiatus caused by the virus. But even for these the dimension of the theater is the one that fascinates me the most, that suits me best. And then I have two other shows already run along the lines of this one: “Who I miss are you”, a tribute to Rino Gaetano, my passion for a long time, and “In the name of the father. Story of a son of … “which is autobiographical, I make fun of myself, I talk about my family, about the songs in which I grew up”.

Speaking of father: what do you say about Morandi senior returning to the festival fray?

“I don’t think it surprised anyone, let alone us children. He is tenacious, strong, enthusiastic. Even the recent accident with fire – which also proved him a lot by keeping him still as he never knows how to be – has given him back to us more combative than ever ».

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Marco Morandi at Parioli in Rome: “I bring Mia Martini, artist and woman on stage: sung by a man”

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