Masterchef, sixth episode: Anna eliminated. Bruno and Christian on standby, the verdict next week

Masterchef, sixth episode: Anna eliminated. Bruno and Christian on standby, the verdict next week. An appointment in the name of internationality. In the Mystery Box amateur cooks rediscovered the true Italian flavor through tasty “migrant ingredients”, before exploring Islamic gastronomy in the Invention Test and border cuisine during the picturesque Test in External in Trieste, the same beautiful city that also hosted the Pressure Test.

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Judges Bruno Barbieri, Antonino Cannavacciuolo and Giorgio Locatelli decreed the elimination from Masterchef Italy of Anna, while Bruno and Christian, the worst results at Pressure: the verdict for them will arrive at the head of the next two episodes. For the new appointment with the cooking show produced by Endemol Shine Italy for Sky, last night on Sky Uno / + 1 and on demand, the ratings amounted to an average of 784,323 thousand average spectators and 3% share, with 1,136. 752 contacts, in line with last week.


The Mystery Box contained 10 ingredients imported into our kitchen and now perfectly adapted: peanuts, bison, Brazilian couve manteiga and maxixe, hops, papaya, Thai eggplant, mangalica pig, flowers of banana trees and morning glory or Asian water spinach. The objective of the challenge was to cook a dish with an all-Italian flavor but using at least 5 “migrant ingredients”. The judges taste Bisonte in the meadow of Tina (honey lacquered with mashed rosewood with peanuts, fried Thai eggplant and cream of couve manteiga), Pork mon amour di Lia (pork wrapped in couve manteiga leaves with pomea with butter, garlic and chilli, sautéed peanuts and papaya) and Otto out of ten by 18-year-old Carmine (pork in peanut grains and hops, with Thai aubergine cream, ipomea and papaya and maxixe salad), and it is the latter who wins the test.


L’Invention Test led then into the kitchen of MasterChef Italy the voices, spices and flavors of Middle Eastern culture thanks to Anissa Helou, scholar and writer who embodies the fusion of peoples. He brought with him three dishes based on as many different types of bread, an ingredient considered essential among the various ethnic groups of Islam: the Non, Uzbek bread decorated with floral motifs with a traditional stamp; Yufka bread, rolled out as thin as possible; finally the Rgaïf, the Moroccan layered bread. The challenge was to reproduce one of these types of bread and combine it with an accompaniment. Carmine, enjoying the advantage, was able to assign to the other competitors the type of bread with which to take the test, then removing the essential tool for their respective preparation from Anna, Polone and Dalia. The best dish was Salt in pumpkin, spices in the heart of Tracy, a yufka bread perfect in consistency, with lamb stew and liver, potatoes, chickpea cream and feta. For not respecting and extolling the sacredness of bread, however, the judges decreed Christian’s Casa mia (yufka bread with cut of veal heart, pepper jam, mint and potatoes) among the worst dishes; Among the unknown lands and flavors of Polone (yufka bread with cuttlefish, bottarga, pine nuts, yellow tomato sauce and edible flowers); and Uzbekistan Italia 1-1 by Anna (Non bread with asparagus, lard, caramelized figs and ricotta with basil). It is the latter, a 30-year-old nutritionist, who makes the most serious mistakes, thus having to leave the Masterclass.


La Prova in Esterna led amateur chefs to explore Trieste’s border cuisine. The red menu included an Austrian appetizer, to be prepared with sauerkraut and the Vienna snail, and a Slovenian second with pork, ham salt and Terrano extract; the blue one consisted of a Croatian first course, containing Croatian truffle and potato, and a Friulian dessert with Jamar del Carso cheese and Tarcento cherry. Tracy, winner of the Invention Test, chose the blue menu for herself and her brigade – made up of Tina, Dalia, Pietro, Carmine, Elena and Nicky Brian; the remaining competitors elected Federico as captain of the red team. Tracy always had to choose who, of the two teams, had to retrieve precious ingredients and advice from international producers (who did not speak Italian): for the blues she went herself, for the reds she indicated Polone. The producers, also diners of the test, were divided in the result: with 12 votes out of 20 the blue team won, whose members were able to watch the Pressure from afar; given the result in the balance, the judges also allowed the red captain Federico to immediately save a member of his brigade, and he indicated himself.

Finally, the gardens of the Miramare Castle, also in Trieste, have the Pressure Test, more trying and difficult than ever. The six competitors not yet safe challenged each other in the preparation of Pedocio de Trieste based on mussels. The judges divided the test into four different steps: carefully clean the mussels, put them to boil and filter the liquid from any impurities, crumble the dry bread and cut the parsley, dry the garlic in extra virgin olive oil and add the mussels with baking, bread and parsley at the end. The first competitor to finish each step had to ring a bell, thus forcing the others to move on to the next step without finishing the previous job. First Lia, then Bruno and Polone dictated the timing of each step, not without errors and carelessness. Lia, Mery, Mime and Polone respected the procedure and presented the Trieste recipe correctly; the most serious mistakes were made by Bruno and Christian, and it is between them that in the next episode we will discover who will have to leave the Masterclass. The verdict will arrive in the head in the next episodes, arriving on Thursday 27 January at 9.15 pm on Sky and streaming on NOW.

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Masterchef, sixth episode: Anna eliminated. Bruno and Christian on standby, the verdict next week

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