Orietta Berti: «At GF Vip I will be relentless and impartial. I’ll tell you about my 55 years of music with 130 songs “

To understand how it is spring loaded Orietta Bertion the threshold of 80 years old, just have his last 48 hours told. “The other night I had friends for dinner (in Montecchio, Reggio Emilia, ed.), I put the last dish in the dishwasher at half past midnight, at half past three in the morning the driver arrived to take me to the Bologna airport where I took the flight to Brindisi because I had a concert there in the evening. The next day I went home to do telephone interviews on the box set with 6 CDs that has just been released which contains my entire career, 55 years in 130 songsincluding 20 unpublished, and I took the opportunity to read some biographies of the participants in the “Big Brother Vip“. Today they come to pick me up to take me to the Mediaset offices in Rome, tomorrow instead… ». Here, just thinking about it, she falls to the ground, but she is a triumphal march.

Tonight on Canale 5 he therefore lands at the court of Alfonso Signorini as a columnist. «They courted me so much …», she confesses not without a hint of vanity. And so, every Monday and Thursday he will take the field to punish judgments on the self-locked competitors in the Cinecittà House. The other commentator will be Sonia Bruganelli (a return) who certainly did not skimp “throwing knives” to the participants of the last edition. So, from Orietta, Italy hungry for reality TV perhaps expects a counterweight of charitable condescension.

Gf Vip, unveiled all the cast in preview: here’s who will be there. Signorini mocked, his reaction

The interview

They called you to be a little Big Mom, admit it.

“For nothing. Let’s see first how they behave and then we will beat or acquit. I don’t necessarily like them all, but I’ll try to be impartial ».

How did Signorini convince you to enter this infernal circle?

“We have known each other with Alfonso for decades, he always phoned me for good wishes when I faced a new television or singing adventure. And then all of Mediaset, they were very nice, from the managers to the authors of the program. For me it is a return, I was at home there for many years with Maurizio Costanzo on “Buona Domenica” ».

The desire for novelty never leaves her.

«I’m a Gemini: curious, never stopping. I’d be bored to death if I always did the same things. This year I went from “Che tempo che fa” with Fazio to “The Voice Senior” with Clerici, from “Quelle brave donne” with Maionchi and Milo to The Jackall for “Guess the song”. I jump from one channel to another, always on the move ».

Then the “GF Vip” would never participate as a competitor.

“Closed within four walls for months?” The commentator’s cachet is enough for me. I would miss my family too much. I flew twenty hours to return to Italy from abroad and spend even one day off with my husband and my children ».

He wouldn’t even allow himself the temptation of flirting like so many are born in there …

“A flirt? The? I keep the coupon I chose 55 years ago, my husband Osvaldo. A lot of handsome males circle around me but now they can call me mum or grandmother ».

Do you already know someone personally of the “vipponi” of Signorini?

«Giovanni Ciacci. Many years ago he worked in a high fashion tailor’s shop where I chose the clothes for the evenings. Then Wilma Goich: we always met at festivals, on TV. Of many, as I told you, I am still reading the biographies ».

Usually in the House of the “GF” they cook junk. If Signorini invited you to go and prepare something?

«I don’t like being in the kitchen, I abandoned the pots many years ago for the microphone. But I’m a good improviser in the kitchen, I have the inspiration of the last minute. Maybe I would go into the house and ask: “Guys, what do you have in the fridge?” ».

Let’s talk about the disc: 130 songs, 6 CDs, an autobiography in notes. She wanted to do things in grande. «My life is a movie. 55+ years of music ». Excuse me, but that ++?

“The pandemic has stolen us for two years.”

But even in those two years she didn’t stop, she did Sanremo, the summer hits …

«Yes, but the record should have been released much sooner, except that“ Mille ”with Fedez and Achille Lauro were put in the middle, then this summer“ Full Moon ”with Hell Raton…».

Orietta, from pop icon to rap icon… who would have thought that?

(Ride). «But do you know that now I have a hard core of fans ranging from 8 to 15 years old? Before, maybe they were taken listlessly by mothers or grandmothers, now it’s the kids who take them to my concerts ».

Also gay icon. In one of the CDs he wanted to include the live of “Behind a great love” the song by Paolo Limiti who sang with Tango Spleen at the party for the civil union of his friends Nick Cerioni and Leandro Manuel Emede.

«It was an impromptu thing but it turned out so well that I said: let’s put it on the record. Nick is the creator who takes care of my image, Leandro a very good director. This is not the first time. In times when in Italy there was still no talk of civil unions, it was with Paolo Limiti that we witnessed two of our Italian friends who got married in Los Angeles ».

On the cover of the box she is depicted as Queen Anne of Habsburg painted by Rubens.

«A gift from a Bolognese fan of mine, a brilliant designer, Andrea Antonucci, aka Nero blk, wanted to give me. Better dressed as a queen than the classic posed photo ».

But do you feel like a bit of a queen, Orietta?

“But for heaven’s sake, at most I’m queen in my house, with my husband, my children, my granddaughters, nine cats and two molossers.”

To stay on the throne so long, in life and in music, is there a secret?

«« Optimistic spirit and strong physique. With us, tortellini are good, you know? ».

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Orietta Berti: «At GF Vip I will be relentless and impartial. I’ll tell you about my 55 years of music with 130 songs ”

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