Rosalinda Cannavò shocked Verissimo: «Adua no longer exists. What I was doing was not life “

Time brings advice. This is precisely the case with Rosalinda Cannavòwho 10 years after his TV debut, at the time of the third season of the fiction “Honor and respect” under the pseudonym of Adua del Vesco, confesses to having closed the doors with the past. A past marked by the struggle againstanorexiawhich slowly led her to transform into the woman she didn’t want.

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Rosalinda Cannavò to Verissimo: “Adua no longer exists”

“What I was doing wasn’t life, I thought it was better to die,” admits Rosalinda, expected guest of tomorrow’s episode of Verissimo. «When I reached 32 kilos I also abused medicines: I knew that that could lead me to feel very bad, but it didn’t scare me. I regarded death almost as a liberation. I could no longer bear to be another person: the real part of me wanted to be freed as soon as possible ».

A profound suffering resulting from some choices that Rosalinda made when she was just a girl to affirm myself as an actress, first of all her name change with that of Adua. A change of identity that cost her a lot and that Cannavò describes very well in her autobiographical book “Il Rifesso di Me”.

“I had entrusted my life to other people. I was told that I had to lose weight for television. For this reason, for many years I have sunk into anorexia, but I did not realize. I didn’t have the perception of what I was like. I believed everything they said to me and let myself be influenced. In addition to the name change, I changed internally: I began to behave differently from how I was, this was wearing me out inside ».

Rosalinda Cannavò and the relationship with Teodosio Losito: “Wherever he is, I feel him close”

Among the people with whom Rosalinda has formed a strong bond in this tortuous path there was also the screenwriter Theodosius Losito who passed away four years ago and an investigation was opened on his death after the actress, in 2020 a guest at Big Brother Vip, confessed to Massimiliano Morra: «If I had stayed, I would have ended her. You can’t imagine what I’ve been through! I was really alone, with his gesture Teo freed me too, otherwise today I would not be here anymore … then I don’t believe it was a suicide, you know? We know very well who is the author of all this disgust … ».

Losito’s suicide, who wrote the single “Sei Sei Sei” for her in 2018, “was a very hard event that woke me up from a nightmare” admits today Rosalinda, who has since chosen to abandon her name. art. “I realized that I had to get away from that world that was destroying me as it did with him. After his death I made a trip to Lourdes to rediscover the faith I had lost over the years. Today I feel Theodosius very close. Wherever he is, I think of him every day and I hope that justice takes the course of him ». And she adds: «Adua no longer exists, it is only a memory. This nightmare is finally fake. Today I no longer allow anyone to take advantage of me ».

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Rosalinda Cannavò shocked Verissimo: «Adua no longer exists. What I was doing was not life ”

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