Simona Ventura and Paola Perego, double interview: “We two, inseparable friends at Citofonare Rai2”


Drin… Drin. I have videophone on Rai2, I am one of Simona Ventura’s guests. If I enter the house what happens to me?
“That you are welcomed by two nice people, who make you play, who joke with you, make you have fun and feel at ease”.

What’s new this year from “Citofonare Rai2” (Sunday from 11.15am)?
“The program is even more female-driven. With Valeria Graci, the neighbor who comes to visit us and Antonella Elia who is a correspondent and tells us love stories. It is a real entertainment ».

A defect and a virtue of Paola Perego?
«Paola has only strengths and not defects. We understand her immediately and then I am grateful to her because she believed in me ».
God forbid! We are talking about Simona Ventura! Those who football, The Island of the Famous, X Factor, Never say goals, Seriously: all broadcasts that she has practically blessed… It is no coincidence that she was nicknamed SuperSimo. What was her winning weapon?
«A lot of passion. I always put myself in the shoes of the viewer. My advantage is that of knowing how to sew programs on me as if they were clothes. And also for this reason they remain difficult for those who arrive after me ».

And then the 2004 Sanremo Festival, the third woman to lead it after Loretta Goggi and Raffaella Carrà.
«I was very happy to have led Sanremo, also because it is a train that rarely passes, not only for a woman but for everyone. It is the TV event par excellence ».

And now there is Chiara Ferragni, how do times change? What type is Ferragni?
“I like it very much. She asked me for advice for Sanremo. I consider her a great woman because she was able to invent a new job first of all and she has achieved stratospheric results worldwide, often changing her skin and going to live in Los Angeles. She is really good and very brave ».

Which TV partner do you remember most fondly?
“Paola. For me she represents the present and the future ».

If you could push a button and rewind the tape what period would you return to in your life and career?
“I would go straight to the next one. I wouldn’t change anything about the past because everything served to grow ».


Paola Perego, let’s start with the video intercom. An achievement for Intercom Rai2, which restarts on Sunday at 11:15.

«Yes, also because last year it was always broken and we had to run out of the window risking to fall below. Now we are rich ».

Isn’t that the only new feature of this year’s program?

“We will have Valeria Graci in the studio. I managed to convince her and I was very keen because I think she is one of the best comedians we have in Italy and working with her is fun. You don’t know what she will do because she is free to do what she wants. “

Tell me a flaw and a merit of Simona Ventura?

«Let’s start with the value: the energy it has. The more tired she is, the more loaded she is. On the other hand, the more tired I am, the more I need coffee and I spread on my desk. The defect is that every day, whatever happens, at Beautiful time she takes the mobile phone, puts on the headphones, isolates herself and watches the episode, even if we are in a meeting. It has been following him for more than twenty years. So never organize meetings at the time of Beautiful ».

Do you get along?

“Yup. We are in tune. When she’s tired she pulls me and vice versa. Basically we are two bullshit. We both love work. This year I do 40 years of TV and she 35, then 75 years in two and we still want both of us to have fun ».

Have you always had so many guests, do they trust you or do they love you?

“Some are friends, others trust us. Because fairness is essential. I treat them as I would like to be treated when I go to someone’s guest. If there is a topic you don’t want to talk about, don’t talk about it. I have great respect for private life. But not all of them are like that. A presenter happened to me to whom I had kindly asked not to ask me a particular question because there was a family problem and she instead started with that question. I will never do such a thing to a guest. For what? For an extra share point? Respect is worth more than anything else ».

Would you like to go back to making a fiction?

“Years ago I did one with Christopher Lambert. And I’d do another one right away. It is a beautiful experience. In what role? I don’t know, I’ve never thought about it. I would like to enter a role that is different from me. I found that experience more educational than a psychoanalysis session because to take on someone else’s shoes and draw on what you have inside to express emotions I find it an incredible experience “.

She has always been close to women. Are we at parity or not yet?
“There is still no parity in salaries. In the career, on the other hand, yes. Just watch television, there is equality there. Instead, there is no protection in femicides, which is very serious, the laws must be improved, more controls are needed. After the first violent intervention, the reported person must not be allowed to go away because she will try again ».

Guest of the first episode of Intercom Rai2?

«Katia Ricciarelli. Then there will be Antonella Elia sent for love stories. Sunday we will talk about Onassis and Callas. There is the popularizer Massimo Cannoletta who will go to particular places, like in those hotels where you can sleep on the house that is in a tree ».

But among the love stories will you also tell the one between Totti and Ilary?

«We tell stories from the past and the present. So who can tell? ‘

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Simona Ventura and Paola Perego, double interview: “We two, inseparable friends at Citofonare Rai2”

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