Stefano D’Orazio, his wife Tiziana: «Me, him and the Poohs like a big family». In Rome the event to remember him

Immediate mutual dislike or clamorous gaffe of one of the two: of the textbook incipits of a love story, the one who gave a hand to Cupid between Tiziana Giardoni e Stefano D’Orazio – good, beautiful, nice and regret drummer of Pooh, who left on November 6 two years ago – is the second. “We met at a party in 2007, very crowded, full of a lot of well-known people, I was the organizer of events, he was Stefano D’Orazio from Pooh, only I didn’t know who he was, I had never been a fan of the group . We have a chat: he, a charming storyteller, invites me to dinner for the following evening. At the restaurant I notice that everyone turns to look at him, someone approaches shyly and asks him for an autograph, someone else calls him by name. I wanted to sink. I just said to him: “Here, it seemed to me that I had already seen your face somewhere” ».

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He certainly did not fall in love with him because he was the famous musician …

«I always say that maybe I arrived late in his life but in time to be his family, to represent a fixed point in his emotional sphere, he who had no fixed points, except for his parents and his sister. Yes, he had had important, lasting stories but the work absorbed him completely, the life of the Poohs was a continuous tour, they went from a sports hall to a business meeting, from a recording studio to a press conference. He retired home and was alone ».

Next Sunday, at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, in Rome, he will be remembered with “Stefano!” that it will not be just a commemorative evening.

«There will be the Pooh family – Roby, Red, Dodi, Riccardo -, there will be friends, from Fiorello to Danilo Rea, Pino Quartullo, Piero Salvatori, presented by Eleonora Daniele. But above all it will be an opportunity to assign the awards of the association named after him to two of six young singers and songwriters finalists and also to a manager taking his first steps in this work. Because we must not forget that Stefano was not only a musician but also a talent scout and an organizer. They will have scholarships to refine their talent, to educate it because talent is a flame that needs knowledge, study and method to keep it alight ».

Stefano has always been very close to young people.

“You can’t imagine how many payments I found after his death, going through his documents: school fees, training or specialization courses. He didn’t talk to anyone about it, he did good but in silence, he understood where there was good and that maybe that good would be lost if someone didn’t offer help. Talent must be supported. At the final stages of the award, in Milan, we listened to a 13-year-old girl who proposed a song with a text written by her: thrilling ».

Was it possible that he regretted not being a father?

“No, in all honesty I don’t think he lacked paternity. He raised Silvia as a father, the daughter of one of her ex her, the singer Lena Biolcati, discovering in her that talent that he was looking for in boys who approached music. Enough to help her become an artist and then also a singing teacher. She dedicated her stage name to him: Silvia Di Stefano ».

In 2009, Stefano decided to hang up his wands and leave the Poohs after almost 40 years.

“It was an act of honesty especially towards himself. Even physically, there comes a time when you can no longer play the drums for three hours every night, almost every night. And I can say with certainty that he had no regrets ».

Well, he was not sure with his hands in his hands …

«Not at all: the musicals, the books, the songs written for the Poohs and other artists, the production of shows, the young talents to promote. And then the reading: there are thousands of volumes in the house, she read everything, from the deepest to the most brilliant text. It was a volcano of ideas. He always submitted them to me. “Can’t you read your book to me when you’ve finished it?”, I told him. “Can’t you let me listen to this song when you wrote the song too?”. She replied: “No, because if you fail them, I have to start again”. I bless that day when she decided to get off the “Pooh spaceship”, as I called her. We have been able to live intense years, in symbiosis ».

He also found time to marry her.

“We had been a well-established couple for ten years but he strongly wanted that marriage, he who, of the Poohs, had always been the incurable bachelor”.

Have you ever been jealous of your fans?

“You feel like it! But we always ended up laughing at it when he was the one who told me the oddities of the most bitter ones who sneaked into the dressing rooms or waited for him in front of the hotels ».

Jealous of the Poohs instead?

“The Poohs have been and still are my big family. They are always in my life with thought, affection, care ».

Stefano had a strong sense of friendship.

«Our house was full of friends who came not only to have dinner but to listen to Stefano and his stories. And not just musicians, actors, directors, managers, journalists. Fiorello was a fan of the Poohs when he was young, then a close friend of Stefano’s. How many laughs, how many jokes, how many anecdotes… ».

Tell us one.

«Almost every Sunday everyone gathered with us at the Infernetto and then we went to lunch outside in Ostia. There were always several. Stefano booked at Peppino a Mare and then, for some reason, he made a mistake and every time he ended up in another restaurant, on the same seafront, Il Pescatore, where he believed he had blocked the table. But they, knowing Stefano, even though they were full, still did everything to set the table even at the last minute. On a Sunday, however, we really happened to be at Peppino a Mare. The owner, before letting us in, asked Stefano: “Excuse me, Mr. D’Orazio, but why do you like to book here every Sunday and then never come?” ».

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Stefano D’Orazio, his wife Tiziana: «Me, him and the Poohs like a big family». In Rome the event to remember him

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