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JAKARTA – Latest original series Vision+ entitled Lukas: The Journey of an Altar Boy gives a light but meaningful story. The series, which was released on December 24, 2021, tells the story of a boy named Lukas who is on an adventure to find his father. Through this series, the audience can take many moral messages from Luke’s character, the main character of this adventure series.

How is the figure of Luke in the series? Check out the following review.

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1. High social spirit and likes to help others

In the first episode, the audience was able to see how Luke has a high social spirit. He is described as having many friends and being very close to his family. When he met Frans and Flory, he also easily got along with the two.

Not only that, he also likes to help others. This can be seen in various scenes, such as when he defends Frans from students who bother him, when he takes care of his sick grandmother, and when he helps find a missing child, even though at that time he was also busy looking for his father.

2. Religious and obedient to religion

As a candidate for the Son of the Altar, Luke is described as a religious child and always upholds religious values. Although he did not master the Bible as well as his friend, Frans, he was always enthusiastic and did not stop trying to deepen his religion.

He is also diligent in worshiping and always praying to God. Apart from regularly worshiping at church with his mother and grandmother, he also prays a lot before activities and while struggling to find his father.

3. Refrain from giving up and love adventure

In this series, Lukas goes through various challenges and sad events when he wants to find his father, but that doesn’t make him give up. Although those around him doubted Luke’s decision, he still believed that he could find his father.

In the end, his unyielding attitude also makes those around him believe in him, and even helps Luke in his adventures.

Jay Sukmo as director of Lukas: The Journey of an Altar Boy conveyed more about Luke’s character on Vision+’s Why Him/Her program. “When he became an acolyte candidate, this Luke, he was often active in church activities. In character, personally, he is an active, hyperactive, sociable, and adventurous child,” he said.

How is Luke’s ups and downs in his adventure to find his father? Watch original series Lukas: The Journey of an Altar Boy Exclusive on Vision+! Episodes 1 and 2 you can access for free.

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Surgery of the Main Character in Series Lukas: The Journey of an Altar Boy, Follow on Vision+! : Okezone Celebrity

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