Tu si que vales, contestant kicked out of the program for “Panties”. Him: «Misogynist? They were the ones who called me “

The first episode of You are worth it 2022 has already been discussed. There have been many performances, some like others a little less. Among these, one in particular that made the jury turn up their noses, especially a Maria De Filippi. It was a singing performance performed by Francesco Ocelliwhose stage name is Anything.

The singer from Bari brought on the stage of the well-known program of Channel 5 his song entitled ‘Underwear‘, considered misogenic and offensive, for these reasons the singer was kicked out of the studio.

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What happened

The performance was interrupted by the will of Maria De Filippi, after which the juror took the microphone in hand and pointed out to the contestant that comparing a woman to panties was quite out of place. At that point the audience in the studio began whistle and urged the man to leave the show.

Maria De Filippi he then sentenced: «The idea that a woman is reduced to gods underwear, it makes me a little impression. I understand the provocationbut these provocations got a bit bored ».

Rudy Zerbi instead he did not hesitate to define Anything altogether superficial with her musica.

His statements

In an interview given to The Corriere del Mezzogiornothe competitor kicked out of You are worth it he said he was contacted by the production of the program which, according to him, was already aware of the contents of his performance: «I didn’t look for them, someone sent a video of me and then I was contacted. I went with the spirit of “I try”, but still in life I do other. I have been accused of being misogynistic. This hurts me and I reply, urging me to read the text. A superficial listening inevitably generates misunderstanding. “Underwear”, First of all, it is a passage from twenty-three years ago. The song underlines the woman’s ability to adapt, with respect to male static ».

And then, offended by his music, he concluded as follows: «Da artist I am wound because I have not been able to make myself understood or I have not chosen the right means to do it. I aim to transmit mine in large numbers musica but I am aware that the character of “Francesco Nothing“Is not from talent showwhich is not to say it isn’t television. It was not the right tool to spread the “no thought” which however exists and can be compared ».

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Tu si que vales, contestant kicked out of the program for “Panties”. Him: «Misogynist? They were the ones who called me ”

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