Tom Holland and Levon Thurman-Hawke sport 1970’s inspired outfits on set of The Crowded Room

Tom Holland and Levon Thurman Hawke sport 1970s inspired outfits on set

Tom Holland and Levon Thurman-Hawke were spotted on the set of their upcoming anthology series, The Crowded Room, on Thursday in New York City. Both actors sported 1970’s style looks for their roles, with the Spider-Man star, 25, rocking a green and blue jacket, navy pants, and Clarks Wallabees brown suede boots. Meanwhile Levon, 20 – … Read more

Filmmaker looks back at 1970s Minamata disease, with Johnny Depp taking the back seat in the story

Filmmaker looks back at 1970s Minamata disease with Johnny Depp

Minamata filmmaker Andrew Levitas tells the story about how Japanese people in the city of Minamata were ravaged by mercury poisoning resulting in distressing neurological symptoms, called Minamata Disease, through decades of water pollution from the Chisso Corporation factory, but it required him to tell star Johnny Depp he was going to have to take … Read more

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