Taekwondo, federal elections: Angelo Cito confirmed Fita president

The outgoing president re-elected with 82.68% of the votes on the challenger Junho Park: “We are a united federation and determined in achieving the objectives, with commitment and dedication we will once again be able to have great satisfaction” Angelo Cito remains at the helm of the Italian Taekwondo Federation for the second consecutive term. … Read more

Carlo Verdone at “Today is another day” the 40 years of “Borotalco”: the memory of Angelo Infanti and Lucio Dalla furioso

Carlo Verdone at Today is another day the 40 years

Carlo Verdone guest of Serena Bortone a “Today is another day” his RaiUno. It is the 40th anniversary of the cult film “Borotalco” from Carlo Verdone and the actor director was in fact accompanied Eleonora Giorgi and Rossella Infanti, daughter of Angelo Infanti, who played the role of the legendary Manuel Fantoni in the film. … Read more

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