‘Solving the nitrogen crisis not so complicated for lawyers’ – Legal scholar Willem Bruil has tips for The Hague – Foodlog

The analysis of the nitrogen crisis is rather flawed, I argue elsewhere. You cannot expect good solutions in such a situation. Government and farmers are stuck in generalities. The government says ‘we cannot do otherwise’ and ‘the Critical Deposition Value (KDW) must be achieved’. The farmers claim that they are being killed. This is not … Read more

South Africa and Australia have a good start, All Blacks still knocked out, it’s a never-ending crisis

Reigning world champions Springboks beat New Zealand 26-10 in Nelspruit (third consecutive defeat) with goals from Arendse, Roux and Pollard’s foot, in Mendoza the Wallabies beat Argentina 41-26 with goals from Petaia , McReight, Faingaa and Ikitau The Southern Hemisphere Rugby Championship starts in the name of South Africa and Australia. In Nelspruit, the reigning … Read more

New technology can help combat climate crisis

Journal Reference: Qian Wang, Shafeer Kalathil, Chanon Pornrungroj, Constantin D. Sahm, Erwin Reisner. Bacteria–photocatalyst sheet for sustainable carbon dioxide utilization. Nature Catalysis, 2022; 5 (7): 633 DOI: 10.1038/s41929-022-00817-z Northumbria University’s Dr Shafeer Kalathil is among a team of academics behind the project, which uses a chemical process that converts sunlight, water and carbon dioxide into … Read more

Who is entitled to scarce gas? – Energy crisis threatens Dutch food production – Foodlog

According to Adema, there is a ‘perfect storm’ and all imaginable challenges are facing the sector at the same time. The aftermath of the corona crisis, which disrupted and still disrupts logistics. Inflation drives prices up, in June the food inflationdrinks and tobacco 9.6%, in July even 10.1% compared to the same months in 2021. … Read more

Jennifer Lopez, on her crisis after divorcing Marc Anthony: “I tried to build a perfect life”

Jennifer Lopez on her crisis after divorcing Marc Anthony I

Jennifer Lopez opened her heart in her documentary Halftime and spoke about some events in her life that marked her forever and that also had an impact on her artistic career. Among them, there is divorce with her ex-husband Marc Anthony, with whom she procreated her two twins Max and Emme. The singer revealed that … Read more

Sadiq Khan accuses Boris Johnson of having ‘middle-age crisis trying to be like Tom Cruise’ as he bids farewell to PM

Sadiq Khan accuses Boris Johnson of having middle age crisis trying

Sadiq Khan wished Boris Johnson “all the best in his retirement” after his final appearance as PM in the Commons Sadiq Khan has said farewell to Boris Johnson and wished him “all the best in his retirement” after his final appearance as Prime Minister in the Commons, as the mayor accused him of presiding over … Read more

Carlo Verdone on show: «Cinema in crisis? It must be more palatable. Rome? It falls apart and they only put barriers “

Carlo Verdone on show Cinema in crisis It must be

“Carlo Verdone. The color of silence ”is the title of the exhibition of photographs exhibited from yesterday to September 15 at the“ Osvaldo Licini ”contemporary art gallery in Ascoli Piceno as part of the Milanesiana, conceived and directed by Elisabetta Sgarbi. Images of clouds, of poetic landscapes emptied of human presence … Read more

Fatih Birol: the world is going through its first energy crisis – Últimas Noticias

The world is going through the first global energy crisis and energy efficiency policies are needed for the coming years, the executive director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), Fatih Birol, warned on Wednesday. During his speech at the Annual Global Conference on Energy Efficiency, in Denmark, Birol pointed out that the crisis could be, … Read more

Leonardo DiCaprio Encourages 53 Million Followers To Watch This Climate Crisis Documentary

Leonardo DiCaprio Encourages 53 Million Followers To Watch This Climate

Reading Time: 2 minutes Leonardo DiCaprio is using his Instagram platform to promote the climate crisis documentary Eating Our Way to Extinction. Narrated by Kate Winslet—DiCaprio’s good friend and onscreen co-star (the duo worked together in 1997’s Titanic and then again in 2008’s Revolutionary Road)—the documentary seeks to wake viewers up to a harsh truth. … Read more

La guerra ha iniciado una crisis alimentaria mundial, por Sara Menker y Rajiv Shah

La guerra ha iniciado una crisis alimentaria mundial por Sara

Conforme a los criterios de Saber más El desastre humanitario producido por la invasión innecesaria de Rusia a Ucrania conmociona la consciencia: diez millones de ucranianos desplazados e innumerables ucranianos asesinados. Pero debido a que Ucrania y Rusia son grandes exportadores de alimentos, el costo humano crecerá mucho más lejos de las fronteras de Ucrania. … Read more

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