“Giorgia Meloni? You have so many sins … », storm over Elisa Anzaldo of Tg1. She apologizes, the wrath of Lega and Fdi

Giorgia Meloni You have so many sins storm over

Elisa Anzaldojournalist and presenter of the Tg1in the storm for a joke about Giorgia Meloni. During this morning’s press review, while the journalist Alessandro Barbano was a guest in the studio, the ‘football’ past of the leader of the Brothers of Italy was addressed. Towards the vote. Less taxes for the … Read more

Rai schedules, big confirmed: Amadeus superstar. New programs in sight for Elisa Isoardi and Alessia Marcuzzi

Rai schedules big confirmed Amadeus superstar New programs in sight

The World Cup in Qatar – from 22 November to 18 December – are the most important appointment of Rai-branded television events between now and the end of the year. Unfortunately Italy will not be there but viewers will be able to enjoy a unique show. The Davis Cup returns to … Read more

Vincitore Sanremo 2022: favoriti Elisa e il duo Blanco-Mahmood. Ecco il Festival secondo i bookmaker

Vincitore Sanremo 2022 favoriti Elisa e il duo Blanco Mahmood Ecco

Sanremo 2022: dal look di Amadeus ai favoriti Elisa e il duo Blanco – Mahmood ecco il Festival secondo i bookmaker. A pochissime ore dall’inizio della 72ma edizione della kermesse sanreme, i bookie italiani si scatenano e puntano non solo sulle quote classiche dedicate al vincitori, ma anche su quelle più “spettacolari”.   Leggi anche … Read more

Sanremo 2022, the report cards and the comments of the “first plays”: Ranieri and Elisa convince, they disappoint Achille Lauro, Sangiovanni and Michele Bravi

Sanremo 2022 the report cards and the comments of the

More than the Festival of the restart, that of 2022 will be the Festival of the reconfirmation of Amadeus. Certainly for his musical choices. The 25 songs that we have listened to and that will be competing at the 72nd edition of Sanremo (on Rai1, from 1 to 5 February 2022), are songs thought and … Read more

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