Friend reveals why Johnny Depp decided to skip Amber Heard trial verdict

Friend reveals why Johnny Depp decided to skip Amber Heard

Johnny Depp has had a rollercoaster of a time since winning $8.35 million in his defamation law suit against ex-wife Amber Heard on June 1. On the one hand, court documents unsealed this week revealed that his former lover Ellen Barkin said in a deposition that, during their relationship, he was “verbally abusive,” drank too … Read more

In photos: Jennifer Lopez captured all eyes in Capri and Tom Cruise traveled to London for a friend

In photos Jennifer Lopez captured all eyes in Capri and

Holidays, work or routine. While some celebrities traveled to paradisiacal destinations to enjoy the summer in the Northern Hemisphere, others were captured by the paparazzi during filming days or doing activities of their daily lives. Artists like Jennifer Lopez y Tom Holland They were posing for professional cameras fulfilling work commitments. While Jared Leto and … Read more

Schuitemakers right – Now that the virus remains, vitamin D is our friend

Vitamin D is not a vitamin, but a hormone. That’s where the confusion starts. It is estimated to be involved in ten percent of body processes. And in the course of evolution, it has given rise to a curious phenomenon: the white skin. The production of vitamin D in the skin is the most obvious … Read more

Isola 2022, Nicolas Vaporidis: «I’ve never acted. I was never a friend of Nik “

Isola 2022 Nicolas Vaporidis Ive never acted I was never

One hundred full days, minus 8 kilos (from 64 to 56 ed.) And a victory that was written in destiny. Nicolas Vaporidis he returned to Italy after vichthyory of the sixteenth edition of the Island of the Famousthe longest in the history of the Mediaset reality show, has re-embraced his family … Read more

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