“Giorgia Meloni? You have so many sins … », storm over Elisa Anzaldo of Tg1. She apologizes, the wrath of Lega and Fdi

Giorgia Meloni You have so many sins storm over

Elisa Anzaldojournalist and presenter of the Tg1in the storm for a joke about Giorgia Meloni. During this morning’s press review, while the journalist Alessandro Barbano was a guest in the studio, the ‘football’ past of the leader of the Brothers of Italy was addressed. Towards the vote. Less taxes for the … Read more

Giorgia Soleri, difficult childhood, mysterious illness and suicide attempt

Giorgia Soleri difficult childhood mysterious illness and suicide attempt

Giorgia Soleri650 mila followers su Instagrama book of poems, a model, a personality who knows how to get talked about, and not just because Giorgia is the 26-year-old girlfriend of Damien Davidthe lead singer of Maneskinthe most famous rock band in the world. In an interview with Corriere della Sera, Giorgia … Read more

Does Giorgia Soleri have Covid, Maneskin concert at risk? The doctors’ appeal: “Cancel it”

Does Giorgia Soleri have Covid Maneskin concert at risk The

Giorgia Soleri is positive and Maneskin fans panic. Damiano David’s girlfriend has Covid and tells fans about her from her Instagram page. A few days after the naked breast photo that the social network has obscured from Miss Nobody, the 26-year-old has let everyone know that she has to stay in … Read more

Maneskin, Damiano and Giorgia Soleri in crisis? The indiscretion after those posts accused of racism

Maneskin Damiano and Giorgia Soleri in crisis The indiscretion after

The photo posted by Damiano David for his girlfriend’s birthday Giorgia Soleri made the fans melt. Followers not used to the Maneskin frontman’s private life posts went crazy in front of the image of the two guys all dressed up ready to celebrate “Pepe”, that’s what Damiano calls it. But according to rumors it seems … Read more

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