Reviewing the film career of… Anthony Hopkins

Reviewing the film career of… Anthony Hopkins

For years, the cinema has given us magical and unforgettable moments, in part thanks to the figure of numerous actors who have left their skin in their characters. Have you ever seen Chaplin playing Hitler? Who does not remember Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone? Does anyone know who Forrest Gump is? Thus, In Cineverso … Read more

Anthony Hopkins: the second Oscar of a regular and praised actor

Nearly three decades after winning his first best actor statuette in 1992 for his chilling portrayal of a serial killer in ‘The silence of the lambs’, by Jonathan Demme, wins the award again for playing an old man who sinks into dementia in ‘The Father’ Anthony Hopkins, born in 1937 in the Welsh city of … Read more

A thriller starring Anthony Hopkins stands as a cryptofilm

Posted on September 28, 2021 Zero Contact, a science fiction thriller starring Anthony Hopkins, is the first film to be auctioned in NFT (non-fungible token) form, following the trend of marketing digital files with technology that proves their legitimacy and allows their traceability. The bidding began on Friday and runs until today, and whoever wins … Read more

The first roles of Anthony Hopkins: you will not believe it, but he looked like José Mota

The first roles of Anthony Hopkins you will not believe

Anthony Hopkins He just won an Oscar for best actor for The father, and it was the big surprise of the night. Not because he doesn’t deserve it, mind you, because he’s a HUGE actor like few others, that’s indisputable. It’s just that, at 83 years old and after 60 acting, one already hopes that … Read more

Anthony Hopkins, magistral en Cannes

Anthony Hopkins magistral en Cannes

The union of great artists does not always give the guarantee of excellent until and many less successful, however it helps a lot to get this closer to happening. Printed version This seems to be the case for “Armageddon Time”the recent movie in Official Competition of the Cannes Film Festivalby director James Gray (responsible for … Read more

Anthony Hopkins and Lynda Benglis, octogenarians and models in the new Loewe campaign | News | S Fashion THE COUNTRY

Although today it is still impossible to ignore the lack of diversity in the fashion industry, the changes have been noticeable in recent years. Old age, that stage of life that fashion seemed to ignore, is increasingly present in an industry that is breaking with the eternal youth with which it had traditionally been identified. … Read more

Happy birthday Anthony Hopkins, a horror film expert

Actor Anthony Hopkins has a birthday this December 31. The Oscar-winning star arrived at his 84th birthday as one of the most important figures of his generation in cinema. The born in Wales, United Kingdom, under the sign of capricorn, revealed in 2017 that he has asperger’s; on the other hand, he has been married … Read more

Lights and shadows of Anthony Hopkins, the man who can’t say “I love you”

Lights and shadows of Anthony Hopkins the man who cant

to their 84 years and with almost 100 films shot -since the first in 1966, The White Busuntil Thor: Love and Thunderthe film that is already ready for its projection in July of this year-, Anthony Hopkins He has a clear image: that of a good-natured man, that grandfather that many would like to have. … Read more

Anthony Hopkins, ‘chico Loewe’ a los 84

diversity and humor. Loewethe firm of Spanish origin, which now belongs to the French luxury conglomerate LVMH and is directed by JW Anderson, has presented its new advertising campaign with a nice bunch of familiar faces of the world of cultureposing in funny attitude for the photographer Juergen Teller. From actors, artists, singers, athletes and … Read more

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