Remember That Wild Tom Cruise Oprah Interview? Here’s What Really Happened

Hollywood celebrities giving confusing, eccentric, and – at times – controversial interviews is not a new concept. But what Tom Cruise did in 2005 went down as one of the few most entertainingly bizarre celebrity interviews in television history. By this time, Oprah had transformed her daytime talk show into something beyond the ordinary, sitting … Read more

Today is another day, Roberto da Crema and the interview boom from Bortone: delirium in the studio

Today is another day Roberto da Crema and the interview

Roberto from Crema guest a Today is another day wreaked havoc in the studio. And this is nothing new, since the general public is used to her whimsy. But this interview was certainly among the most surreal ever made by the hostess Serena Bortone. The king of telesales, aka “Baffo”, left … Read more

Simona Ventura and Paola Perego, double interview: “We two, inseparable friends at Citofonare Rai2”

Simona Ventura and Paola Perego double interview We two inseparable

SIMONA VENTURA Drin… Drin. I have videophone on Rai2, I am one of Simona Ventura’s guests. If I enter the house what happens to me?“That you are welcomed by two nice people, who make you play, who joke with you, make you have fun and feel at … Read more

Britney Spears responds to her children’s interview with a harsh open letter on Instagram

Britney Spears responds to her childrens interview with a harsh

VALERIE MACONGetty Images Last June, Britney Spears y Sam Asghari They said ‘I do’ in an intimate ceremony held in the city at their fabulous home in Thousand Oaks, Los Angeles. A link not without controversy -the singer’s ex-partner, Jason Alexander, tried to ruin the day by sneaking into the event-, which featured two notable … Read more

The explosive revelations of the ex-husband and children of Britney Spears in her unpublished interview

The explosive revelations of the ex husband and children of Britney

Britney Spears will have regained the freedom to manage her life financially and legally after 13 years under strict court-imposed guardianship under the control of her father, Jamie Spears, but now she faces another problem she would never have wanted: rejection. of their children. Sean Preston, 16, and Jayden James, 15, have not seen their … Read more

Samuel L. Jackson Once Shut Down an Interview by Saying, ‘There’s More Than 1 Black Guy’

Samuel L Jackson Once Shut Down an Interview by Saying

Samuel L. Jackson is a living legend with many iconic roles in his filmography. But even he is susceptible to an embarrassing case of mistaken identity during an interview. He could’ve been offended, given the racial implications. But the actor saw the comedy in the situation and played it off in the most charming way possible. Samuel L. … Read more

How Interview With The Vampire’s Lestat And Louis TV Actors Feel About Comparisons To The 1994 Film With Tom Cruise And Brad Pitt

Adapting a long-beloved written work for TV is likely never an easy task for writers and producers, and one can imagine the complications only grow more numerous when such small screen projects have been preceded by well-received feature films. Such is the case with AMC’s episodic spin on Anne Rice’s seminal bloodsucking tale Interview with … Read more

Tatiana Maslany turns into She-Hulk: «To be part of the Marvel universe? A real blast ». THE INTERVIEW

Tatiana Maslany turns into She Hulk To be part of the

Tatiana Maslany she is all green, but not with anger (or at least not always): this time it is joy that colors her face. The 36-year-old Canadian actress has in fact just won the role of She-Hulk in the homonymous series She-Hulk: Attorney of law (from August 18 on Disney +), … Read more

Tony Binarelli, the magician star of the tv has died. He was 81 years old, the last interview: “I’m afraid of the disease”

Tony Binarelli the magician star of the tv has died

Il magician Tony Binarelli is died in Rome at the age of 81. His magic shows of him were highly regarded on TV in the 90s, when he embellished the programs of Corrado, Mike Bongiorno and Pippo Baudo with its magic. Binarelli died at the Pertini hospital after a long illness. … Read more

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