Maneskin in concert in Rome: the sale of take-away alcohol is prohibited, the order signed. Arm wrestling with bars and restaurants

Maneskin in concert in Rome the sale of take away alcohol

Here come the Maneskin in concerto al Circus Maximus it’s at Roma the ban on the sale of alcohol to take away for the whole day of tomorrow is activated, Saturday 9 Julyin the Center area and beyond. The Prefect’s anti-alcohol ordinance The prohibition is foreseen by the order of the … Read more

Maneskin, 70,000 delirious at the Circus Maximus. Damiano yells on stage: «Fuck Putin!». Angelina Jolie super guest

Maneskin 70000 delirious at the Circus Maximus Damiano yells on

The fever explodes Moonlight. An incredible success was the concert of the Circus Maximus of Roma: an expected event that drew 70 thousand wild fans to the heart of the capital. From the early afternoon, lots of bottles of water, even for an improvised shower against the heat, some masks and … Read more

Maneskin, from via del Corso to X Factor, from Sanremo to the world boom: this is how 4 Roman boys made their dream come true

Maneskin from via del Corso to X Factor from Sanremo

Crazy gods, yes. Like someone who knows that the opposite of courage is called respectability and avoids it. Ever since, without so much shyness or in any case well hidden, with tools on his shoulder and eager to make it, Damien David, Victory of the Angels, Thomas Raggi ed Ethan Torchioeven … Read more

Maneskin in Rome, the wait for the concert rises: the record stage takes shape at the Circus Maximus

Maneskin in Rome the wait for the concert rises the

Il Circus Maximus goes into fibrillation, there are just over 48 hours to go to the highly anticipated concerto of the Maneskin e Roma is ready to welcome its artists who, having left the capital, are conquering the best stages in the world. In these hours the technicians are setting up … Read more

Does Giorgia Soleri have Covid, Maneskin concert at risk? The doctors’ appeal: “Cancel it”

Does Giorgia Soleri have Covid Maneskin concert at risk The

Giorgia Soleri is positive and Maneskin fans panic. Damiano David’s girlfriend has Covid and tells fans about her from her Instagram page. A few days after the naked breast photo that the social network has obscured from Miss Nobody, the 26-year-old has let everyone know that she has to stay in … Read more

Sanremo 2022. Da Amadeus a Zanicchi, dai Måneskin al sesso: tutte le parole chiave dell’edizione numero 72

Sanremo 2022 Da Amadeus a Zanicchi dai Maneskin al sesso

A come Amadeus. Al terzo festival consecutivo, ormai dritto per la sua strada, piglio quasi baudiano, gli manca solo il celebre «l’ho inventato io, l’ho inventato» ma coi giovanotti d’oggi è un po’ difficile, mica arrivano dal pianobar, quelli a 20 anni hanno 2 milioni di ascolti e altrettanti di visualizzazioni.   Ditonellapiaga, il diario … Read more

Maneskin, tour 2022 rimandato per Covid. «Siamo mortificati». Il video messaggio della band sui social

Maneskin tour 2022 rimandato per Covid Siamo mortificati Il video

Rimandato causa Covid a data da destinarsi l’intero tour europeo e nei palasport in Italia 2022 dei Maneskin. A dare l’annuncio in un video postato sui social è Damiano insieme al resto della band. A causa dello stato attuale di eventi causati dalla pandemia Covid-19 in corso, è «con profondo rammarico» che i Maneskin annunciano il … Read more

Maneskin, Damiano and Giorgia Soleri in crisis? The indiscretion after those posts accused of racism

Maneskin Damiano and Giorgia Soleri in crisis The indiscretion after

The photo posted by Damiano David for his girlfriend’s birthday Giorgia Soleri made the fans melt. Followers not used to the Maneskin frontman’s private life posts went crazy in front of the image of the two guys all dressed up ready to celebrate “Pepe”, that’s what Damiano calls it. But according to rumors it seems … Read more

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