New Music Friday: Lil Nas X + Jeremy Zucker + Maya Hawke + easy life y más

In today’s Friday musical selection, we bring you the long-awaited single by Lil Nas Xthe official video of the collab of Jeremy Zucker y Beneeand the most recent album of Maya Hawke. In addition, we will listen to the duet of Easy Life y Gus Dappertonthe advance of the next album of Natalia Lafourcadeand a … Read more

From the return of the Music Wins Festival to Lil Nas X president of LoL | The #Hashtags of NO | New music and the best to watch, read, play, try and learn

#AnyoneCanGoogle Click with charge: rapper Lil Nas X became president of League of Legends with the quests to “create explosive music moments, a clever champion skin for LoL, and a spectacular Worlds live show”, and to boot he introduced the anthem of the Worlds of LoL, Star Walkin. memory click: the visual sample (Childhood)s explores … Read more

Orietta Berti: «At GF Vip I will be relentless and impartial. I’ll tell you about my 55 years of music with 130 songs “

Orietta Berti At GF Vip I will be relentless and

To understand how it is spring loaded Orietta Bertion the threshold of 80 years old, just have his last 48 hours told. “The other night I had friends for dinner (in Montecchio, Reggio Emilia, ed.), I put the last dish in the dishwasher at half past midnight, at half past three … Read more

Tequila Helped Calm Kane Brown’s Nerves While Filming ‘Like I Love Country Music’ Video – Home

Kane Brown is the country artist behind A different man, recently performing at the MTV Video Music Awards. He is also a fan of country and mentioned his favorite artists in the 2022 single “Like I Love Country Music”. ¿De qué trata ‘Like I Love Country Music’ de Kane Brown? Kane Brown performs at Tennessee … Read more

Fonseca celebrates the power that Bad Bunny gives to Latin music

Fonseca celebrates the power that Bad Bunny gives to Latin

Fonseca chatted with meter during a brief break prior to a concert in Lima, Peru. The Colombian singer divides his time between concerts and his participation in The Challenger, which has become a different and fun experience in his career. “It has been a tremendous adventure, because I liked it very much and I feel … Read more

Farewell Queen Elizabeth: from Elton John to Mick Jagger, a tribute from the world of music and culture

Farewell Queen Elizabeth from Elton John to Mick Jagger a

The Queen Elizabeth is dead and the messages of condolence and closeness from the world of music and culture rain down. First of all that of Elton Johnlongtime friend of royal family and special guest of many Windsor events. “Queen Elizabeth has been a huge part of my life from childhood … Read more

MTV VMAs 2022 Lil Nas X and Harry Styles tie for Taylor Swift Music Awards – Odi O’Malley

It was going to be the night of Nicki Minajwinner of MTV Video Vanguardbut of course, these are the VMA: of course it was the night of Taylor Swift. The singer was in the shot about 60% of the time she was facing the audience, she won 3 awards -including video of the year for … Read more

Jim Sheridan, between an autobiographical film with music by U2 and the arduous mission of convincing Daniel Day-Lewis to act again

Jim Sheridan between an autobiographical film with music by U2

UHERSKE HRADISTE – Between U2 and Peter O´Toole the present of the renowned Irish filmmaker takes place Jim Sheridandirector of -at least- two films that make up the list of milestones in world cinema: My left Foot (1989) y In the name of the Father (1993). But Sheridan, also an actor, producer and screenwriter, In … Read more

Music helps patients with dementia connect with loved ones

Journal Reference: Rhiana Schafer, Aimee Karstens, Emma Hospelhorn, Jeffrey Wolfe, Amanda Ziemba, Peggy Wise, Rickie Crown, Jenni Rook, Borna Bonakdarpour. Musical Bridges to Memory. Alzheimer Disease & Associated Disorders, 2022; Publish Ahead of Print DOI: 10.1097/WAD.0000000000000525 In the intervention — developed at ITA and called “Musical Bridges to Memory” — a live ensemble plays music … Read more

Amber Heard’s sister calls Video Music Awards ‘disgusting and desperate’ for Johnny Depp’s appearance

Amber Heard’s younger sister Whitney Heard slammed MTV VMAs for inviting Johnny Depp for a cameo. At the award function that happened last month, Johnny made a surprise appearance as the Moon Man. Johnny’s appearance on the award night comes three months after his victory in the defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard. Also … Read more

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