Britney Spears, the ex-husband attacks: “The children have not wanted to see her for months, I apologized for the naked photos”

Britney Spears the ex husband attacks The children have not wanted

I sons from Britney Spears they would not want to see her and, indeed, would feel ashamed for her. Sean Preston and Jayden James, now aged 16 and 15 respectively, are the pop star’s children with her ex-husband. Kevin Federline. The rapper has released numerous statements regarding the choices of the … Read more

Arisa naked, the anger of the haters: “She doesn’t know what to invent anymore.” She then she publishes the photo without retouching and silences everyone

Arisa naked the anger of the haters She doesnt know

Arisa submerged by a sea of criticisms. The singer has publicly stated that he feels both donna that man, not to identify with a single gender. To do it, it is laid bare. She stripped herself of every prejudiceshowing himself without shame. Unfortunately, the too much spontaneity sometimes it comes criticized. … Read more

High-ranking naked mole-rats are more resilient

Journal Reference: Valérie Bégay, Branko Cirovic, Alison J. Barker, Robert Klopfleisch, Daniel W. Hart, Nigel C. Bennett, Gary R. Lewin. Immune competence and spleen size scale with colony status in the naked mole-rat. Open Biology, 2022; 12 (4) DOI: 10.1098/rsob.210292 For nearly 20 years, Professor Gary Lewin at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine … Read more

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