‘Bullet Train’: Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds and the best cameos in Brad Pitt’s film

Bullet Train Sandra Bullock Ryan Reynolds and the best cameos

Do you feel like a comedy with a large dose of action? Then ‘Bullet Train’ is the ideal option, but did you know that the movie starring Brad Pitt has a lot of cameos? Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds even appear! If you like movies with eloquent action scenes that make you jump out of … Read more

Bullet Train analysis, what works and what doesn’t in Brad Pitt’s latest movie

Bullet Train analysis what works and what doesnt in Brad

This note has some spoilers. Two months ago, Brad Pitt gave an interview in which he anticipated that he was going to leave the cinemaat least one time. “It’s my last semester,” she commented. Precisely, within those six months, this week came in which Bullet trainthe expected last premiere of your career? It’s not just … Read more

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