Lee McKenzie talks to Chris Evans about the world of F1 and her new ‘behind-the-scenes’ book | Virgin Radio UK

Lee McKenzie talks to Chris Evans about the world of

Virgin Radio 3 Oct 2022, 11:02 Broadcast journalist Lee McKenzie joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky this morning to talk all things Formula One and about her new book, Inside F1. From a young age, McKenzie has watched and loved motorsport. She spent the majority of her teenage years in the paddock and … Read more

PUCV Cinematheque: Marilyn Monroe and David Lynch – UC Radio Beethoven

PUCV Cinematheque Marilyn Monroe and David Lynch UC Radio

Cycle dedicated to the actress and the director will be exhibited throughout the month. The Cineteca PUCV (Brazil 2830, Valparaíso) will begin September with a cycle starring one of the great female legends of Hollywood’s golden age, Marilyn Monroe. And it is that the actress of the era of the 50s starred in several films … Read more

X-shaped radio galaxies might form more simply than expected

Journal Reference: Aretaios Lalakos, Ore Gottlieb, Nicholas Kaaz, Koushik Chatterjee, Matthew Liska, Ian M. Christie, Alexander Tchekhovskoy, Irina Zhuravleva, Elena Nokhrina. Bridging the Bondi and Event Horizon Scales: 3D GRMHD Simulations Reveal X-shaped Radio Galaxy Morphology. The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 2022; 936 (1): L5 DOI: 10.3847/2041-8213/ac7bed Although these mysterious X-shaped radio galaxies have confounded astrophysicists … Read more

On 8 July the Radio Rock for AIL Rome marathon is back. Among the interventions Carlo Verdone, Luca Argentero and Lillo

On 8 July the Radio Rock for AIL Rome marathon

After the incredible success of last year, the radio rock marathon for Ail Roma is back, an initiative promoted by Radio Rock 106.6 in support of AIL Rome, the Italian Association against Leukemia – Lymphomas and Myeloma). It is 27 hours of non-stop live broadcast conducted by Radio Rock speakers that … Read more

Jennifer Lopez corta el aliento con transparencias y escote vertiginoso en los Premios IHearts Radio

Jennifer Lopez corta el aliento con transparencias y escote vertiginoso

La cantante deslumbró con hasta tres looks distintos, a cual más sexy, en una gala donde fue galardonada con el premio ‘Icono’ (y que recibió con lágrimas en los ojos). Hasta en tres ocasiones (y siempre vestida con un look diferente) Jennifer Lopez acaparó las miradas y protagonizó momentos especiales en la gala entrega de … Read more

Astronomers reveal best image yet of mysterious odd radio circles in space

Journal Reference: Ray P Norris, J D Collier, Roland M Crocker, Ian Heywood, Peter Macgregor, L Rudnick, Stas Shabala, Heinz Andernach, Elisabete da Cunha, Jayanne English, Miroslav Filipović, Bärbel S Koribalski, Kieran Luken, Aaron Robotham, Srikrishna Sekhar, Jessica E Thorne, Tessa Vernstrom. MeerKAT uncovers the physics of an Odd Radio Circle. Monthly Notices of the … Read more

Photonic technology enables real-time calculation of radio signal correlation

Journal Reference: Hughes Guillet de Chatellus, Guillaume Bourdarot, Jean-Philippe Berger. Multi-delay photonic correlator for wideband RF signal processing. Optica, 2022; DOI: 10.1364/OPTICA.442906 “The photonic architecture we developed uses no moving parts and enables real-time signal processing,” said Hugues Guillet de Chatellus from Université Grenoble Alpes-CNRS in France. “Real-time processing helps ensure there isn’t any downtime, … Read more

Astronomers closer to unlocking origin of mysterious fast radio bursts

Journal Reference: Yi Feng, Di Li, Yuan-Pei Yang, Yongkun Zhang, Weiwei Zhu, Bing Zhang, Wenbin Lu, Pei Wang, Shi Dai, Ryan S. Lynch, Jumei Yao, Jinchen Jiang, Jiarui Niu, Dejiang Zhou, Heng Xu, Chenchen Miao, Chenhui Niu, Lingqi Meng, Lei Qian, Chao-Wei Tsai, Bojun Wang, Mengyao Xue, Youling Yue, Mao Yuan, Songbo Zhang, Lei Zhang. … Read more

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