Anthony Hopkins: the second Oscar of a regular and praised actor

Nearly three decades after winning his first best actor statuette in 1992 for his chilling portrayal of a serial killer in ‘The silence of the lambs’, by Jonathan Demme, wins the award again for playing an old man who sinks into dementia in ‘The Father’ Anthony Hopkins, born in 1937 in the Welsh city of … Read more

Researchers make non-alcoholic beer taste like regular beer

Journal Reference: Lisa Melton. Synbio salvages alcohol-free beer. Nature Biotechnology, 2022; 40 (1): 8 DOI: 10.1038/s41587-021-01202-0 Some people find the taste to be flat and watery and this has a natural explanation, according to Sotirios Kampranis, a Professor at the University of Copenhagen. “What non-alcoholic beer lacks is the aroma from hops. When you remove … Read more

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