What is true in the memes of Ben Affleck and his apparent physical weakness attributed to his sex life with Jennifer Lopez? Sexology specialists respond | Health | Magazine

Can a few photos taken by surprise give us a real idea of ​​what happens between the newlyweds JLo y Ben Affleck? While the public shows a laughing compassion for the images of the actor sleeping or resting outdoors during his honeymoon trip, a group of specialists consulted do not believe the jokes of the … Read more

How different cancer cells respond to drug-delivering nanoparticles

Journal Reference: Natalie Boehnke, Joelle P. Straehla, Hannah C. Safford, Mustafa Kocak, Matthew G. Rees, Melissa Ronan, Danny Rosenberg, Charles H. Adelmann, Raghu R. Chivukula, Namita Nabar, Adam G. Berger, Nicholas G. Lamson, Jaime H. Cheah, Hojun Li, Jennifer A. Roth, Angela N. Koehler, Paula T. Hammond. Massively parallel pooled screening reveals genomic determinants of … Read more

Scientists pinpoint reason why women may not respond to depression treatments the same as men

Journal Reference: Alexia V. Williams, Catherine J. Peña, Stephanie Ramos-Maciel, Abigail Laman-Maharg, Evelyn Ordonez-Sanchez, Monica Britton, Blythe Durbin-Johnson, Matt Settles, Rebecca Hao, Sae Yokoyama, Christine Xu, Pei X. Luo, Tjien Dwyer, Shanu Bhela, Alexis M. Black, Benoit Labonté, Randal Alex Serafini, Anne Ruiz, Rachael L. Neve, Venetia Zachariou, Eric J. Nestler, Brian C. Trainor. Comparative … Read more

When it comes to preventing Alzheimer’s, women respond better than men

Journal Reference: N. Saif, H. Hristov, K. Akiyoshi, K. Niotis, I.E. Ariza, N. Malviya, P. Lee, J. Melendez, G. Sadek, K. Hackett, A. Rahman, J. Meléndez-Cabrero, C.E. Greer, L. Mosconi, R. Krikorian, R.S. Isaacson. Sex-Driven Differences in the Effectiveness of Individualized Clinical Management of Alzheimer’s Disease Risk. The Journal Of Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease, 2022; … Read more

How animal swarms respond to threats

Journal Reference: Chun-Jen Chen, Clemens Bechinger. Collective response of microrobotic swarms to external threats. New Journal of Physics, 2022; 24 (3): 033001 DOI: 10.1088/1367-2630/ac5374 A microrobotic swarm The starting point for the researchers’ work was to consider a group of peacefully swirling animals and what would happen if it suddenly encountered a dangerous situation. For … Read more

Matter and antimatter seem to respond equally to gravity

Journal Reference: M. J. Borchert, J. A. Devlin, S. R. Erlewein, M. Fleck, J. A. Harrington, T. Higuchi, B. M. Latacz, F. Voelksen, E. J. Wursten, F. Abbass, M. A. Bohman, A. H. Mooser, D. Popper, M. Wiesinger, C. Will, K. Blaum, Y. Matsuda, C. Ospelkaus, W. Quint, J. Walz, Y. Yamazaki, C. Smorra, S. … Read more

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