From the return of the Music Wins Festival to Lil Nas X president of LoL | The #Hashtags of NO | New music and the best to watch, read, play, try and learn

#AnyoneCanGoogle Click with charge: rapper Lil Nas X became president of League of Legends with the quests to “create explosive music moments, a clever champion skin for LoL, and a spectacular Worlds live show”, and to boot he introduced the anthem of the Worlds of LoL, Star Walkin. memory click: the visual sample (Childhood)s explores … Read more

Annalisa Minetti: «I would return to Sanremo, but to present it. In my new album there is a new determination “

Annalisa Minetti I would return to Sanremo but to present

With all that he has to do – music, study (already two degrees and a specialist in Sports Psychology on the way), agonistic and philanthropic activities, family – it is a miracle that Annalisa Minetti have time for an interview. But there’s the new single, “Déjà vu”, A rhythmic electro-pop that … Read more

Giulia Pauselli, will you return to Amici after giving birth? Here’s what he answers

Giulia Pauselli will you return to Amici after giving birth

Giulia Pauselli e Marcello Sacchetta they first became parents of Romeo, last August 30th. After a part the dancer tells her followers, revealing some details about her new life. Giulia defines childbirth as the “strongest experience” of her life. And, now, many are wondering if the dancer will return to the … Read more

News and returns: from the closure of Bizarrap at the Billboard party to the return of Britney Spears to the charts

News and returns from the closure of Bizarrap at the

Trends and news for this week’s rankings. On the one hand, the novelty of having Britney Spears back on the charts: last week it reached the sixth position of the Billboard Hot 100, thanks to its collaboration with Elton John, for the song “Hold Me Closer”. On the other hand, Argentine credit Shaving continues conquering … Read more

Daniel Day-Lewis turns 65: will he return to the cinema after retirement age?

Turning 65 means, for many workers, reaching a well-deserved retirement. However, for actors, actresses and filmmakers in general, reaching that age does not mean much. Some need to continue working to live and others are in full interpretive and creative maturity. There are, however, those who have voluntarily decided to say goodbye to the stage … Read more

The return of surges of tenderness

The return of surges of tenderness

Earrings, Justine Clenquet; ring, Vivienne Westwood; bracelet, Ortyx, Triangle size, in rhodium-plated metal, Swarovski, €280; top, Uniqlo. John, Gap. Trench, Ulla Johnson. JOAN BRAUN FOR M LE MAGAZINE DU MONDE On thought it was lost, tenderness. Condemned, for a time, to confidentiality according to health news. “Barrier gestures”, repeated on radio and television. Two words … Read more

Harry and Meghan return to Great Britain: three days of charity events. Here’s what they will do

Harry and Meghan return to Great Britain three days of

A busy September is expected for the principe Harry and his wife Meghan Markle. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will return in Great Britain next week, to carry out their many charitable initiatives. A tour dedicated to charity which, according to a spokesperson, will bring them not only to the … Read more

“I knew exactly what I wanted to do”: behind the scenes of the return of Britney Spears with Elton John

The return to music Britney Spears, after six years and after freeing herself from her father’s legal guardianship, had a tasty back room. The magazine and portal Rolling Stone published a story with the details behind Hold me closer, the collaboration that brought the singer together with another icon, Sir Elton John. It all started … Read more

‘There Was No Chance I Would Return’: Dwayne Johnson Says Fast and Furious Co-Star Vin Diesel Reached Out to Him After Infamous Feud, Told Diesel To Stop Asking Him to Return – FandomWire

There Was No Chance I Would Return Dwayne Johnson Says

Dwayne Johnson, in addition to his earlier fame, garnered from inside the rings of WWE, has reached a wider audience through his alternate career on the silver screen. The Rock, as he has come to be professionally known, became an integral part of the industry for his macho man image and becoming unfailing in the … Read more

The Sannio focuses on return tourism, signed the protocol with the South Destination Network

The Sannio focuses on return tourism signed the protocol with

Another step forward for the five-year project “2023-2028 Return to Italy” conceived by South Destination Network which, after Avellino, saw the attractions of Sannio and the province of Benevento as protagonists. The plan, dedicated to the return tourism of Italians abroad who intend to search for their roots, continues its work in Campania and also … Read more

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