Dynamic rivers contributed to Amazon’s rich bird diversity

Journal Reference: Lukas J. Musher, Melina Giakoumis, James Albert, Glaucia Del-Rio, Marco Rego, Gregory Thom, Alexandre Aleixo, Camila C. Ribas, Robb T. Brumfield, Brian Tilston Smith, Joel Cracraft. River network rearrangements promote speciation in lowland Amazonian birds. Science Advances, 2022; 8 (14) DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abn1099 The lowland rainforests of the Amazon River basin harbor more diversity … Read more

New York is rich in Arte Povera, from Pier Paolo Calzolari’s pandemic-era works to Piero Gilardi’s nature-inspired carpets

New York is rich in Arte Povera from Pier Paolo

When Marianne Boesky decided to give Pier Paolo Calzolari his first New York exhibition in 25 years back in 2012, she was determined to reintroduce Arte Povera’s discreet maestro to the other side of the pond with a grand presentation. So much so that Boesky called Pace Gallery’s Marc Glimcher to blow holes in the … Read more

Ryan Reynolds Net Worth 2022: Who is More Rich Blake Lively or Ryan Reynolds? Let’s Explore

Ryan Reynolds Net Worth 2022 Who is More Rich Blake

In addition to being an actor and film producer, Ryan Reynolds is also known for his work in the music industry. It was on Hillside (1991–1993) that he began his acting career as a teen soap star in Canada, and it was in small roles on Two Guys and a Girl (1998–2001) that he was … Read more

Jadi Heboh! Nikita Mirzani Curiga Sumber Kekayaan Crazy Rich Didapat dari Pesugihan : Okezone Celebrity

Jadi Heboh Nikita Mirzani Curiga Sumber Kekayaan Crazy Rich Didapat

PERNYATAAN Nikita Mirzani yang mengkritik sumber kekayaan crazy rich Indonesia hingga bikin geger publik. Dia curiga kalau mereka bisa dapat penghasilan fantastis dari hasil pesugihan. Wanita yang akrab disapa Niki itu menilai total harta sang crazy rich tak masuk akal melihat pengeluarannya bisa mencapai 20 kali lipat. Padahal, mereka baru merintis usaha kurang dari 5 tahun. … Read more

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps reduce stress

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps reduce stress

As it has been known for a long time, a properly balanced diet has a huge impact on our everyday life and well-being, and long-term exposure to stressors can cause many health problems (as you can read about HERE). In addition to the methods of coping with stress known to you (HERE), it turns out … Read more

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