Iva Zanicchi returns to Sanremo: «The worst festival? When Luigi Tenco died and I won “

Iva Zanicchi returns to Sanremo The worst festival When Luigi

“I’ll be back where I was born”, says Iva Zanicchi speaking of her next Sanremo, the eleventh in the race, record for age (with its 81 springs, just today, best wishes!) And for trophies (the only woman with three victories: 1967, 1969, 1974). Because this is where she feels artistically born. Gianni Ravera brought it … Read more

Highsnob and Hu in Sanremo: “Take care of yourself points to the heart, a slogan that sings love”

Highsnob and Hu in Sanremo Take care of yourself points

Not a couple born at the table. But artistically together out of mutual esteem. Here are Federica Ferracuti, aka Hu, and Michele Matera, aka Highsnob, competing at the Sanremo Festival with the song urban Abbi cura di te, written by rapper Highsnob with beatmaker Andrea Moroni. She is twenty-seven years old, from Fermo, ranging from … Read more

Rector returns to Sanremo with Ditonellapiaga: «I transgressive? Never a joint. For the Quirinale I have a trio of women “

Rector returns to Sanremo with Ditonellapiaga I transgressive Never a

“As a girl I didn’t hang out with my peers, I was always with those older than me: I wanted to learn, to understand. Now that I have grown up, I mostly go to young people: and even now I continue to learn, to understand ». That may be why he is Rector evergreen in … Read more

Sanremo 2022, the report cards and the comments of the “first plays”: Ranieri and Elisa convince, they disappoint Achille Lauro, Sangiovanni and Michele Bravi

Sanremo 2022 the report cards and the comments of the

More than the Festival of the restart, that of 2022 will be the Festival of the reconfirmation of Amadeus. Certainly for his musical choices. The 25 songs that we have listened to and that will be competing at the 72nd edition of Sanremo (on Rai1, from 1 to 5 February 2022), are songs thought and … Read more

Sanremo, who are the co-hosts who will support Amadeus

Sanremo who are the co hosts who will support Amadeus

Unveiled i names from the five women who will co-conduct the Sanremo Festival next to Amadeus. Each evening of the singing festival will see the presence of a different woman: Ornella Muti, Lorena Cesarini, Drusilla Foer, Maria Chiara Giannetta and Sabrina Ferilli. Read also – Sanremo 2022, Amadeus has unveiled the five co-hosts of the … Read more

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