What is true in the memes of Ben Affleck and his apparent physical weakness attributed to his sex life with Jennifer Lopez? Sexology specialists respond | Health | Magazine

Can a few photos taken by surprise give us a real idea of ​​what happens between the newlyweds JLo y Ben Affleck? While the public shows a laughing compassion for the images of the actor sleeping or resting outdoors during his honeymoon trip, a group of specialists consulted do not believe the jokes of the … Read more

Johnny Depp gave Ellen Barkin a Quaalude before sex, court documents show

Johnny Depp gave Ellen Barkin a Quaalude before sex court

Johnny Depp’s ex-girlfriend Ellen Barkin claimed the actor was “controlling,” drank too much red wine, and gave her a Quaalude the first time they had sex, according to a deposition that was released as part of the unsealing of a trove of 6,000 pages of court documents. In the recently unveiled legal filings, Barkin, 68, described … Read more

Vivien Leigh and Laurence Oliver. The sex that went crazy | XLWeekly

EThat is the man I am going to marry”, Vivien Leigh prophesied when she saw Laurence Olivier on stage in the play Theater Royal. “I was drunk with desire,” Olivier acknowledged after seeing her acting in The mask of virtue. He did not care that both were married, feared God and had been educated on … Read more

Masterclass with a vampire: was sex really better before?

Masterclass with a vampire was sex really better before

MAÏA’S SEX FICTION MAIA MAZAURETTE What do sex toys mean? Who will free small penises? How to write a politically irreproachable porn film? Because some questions do not (yet!) have an answer, the wisest course is certainly to invent them. This summer, the columnist of “La Matinale” Maïa Mazaurette approaches sex from its fictional side. … Read more

Porn actor Max Felicitas: “I’m addicted to sex, I spend a lot of money on prostitutes”

Porn actor Max Felicitas Im addicted to sex I spend

A porn actor with a sex addiction, especially for a fee, and who spends a lot of money on prostitution. Let’s talk about Max Felicitythe hard actor now considered the heir of Rocco Siffredithan to the podcast One More Time by Luca Casadei indulged in confessions that were nothing short of … Read more

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