Social media reacts to video Vin Diesel posted on Instagram with Justin Lin days before he quit

Social media reacts to video Vin Diesel posted on Instagram

Social media has gone into overload at a video of Justin Lin posted by Vin Diesel the day before the Fast & Furious 10 director quit. Lin said Tuesday that he will not direct Fast X, the tenth installment in the Fast & Furious film series, just days after production commenced on the action film. In … Read more

Gastrointestinal issues linked with anxiousness, social withdrawal for kids with autism

Journal Reference: Kristen Dovgan, Kyra Gynegrowski, Bradley J. Ferguson. Bidirectional relationship between internalizing symptoms and gastrointestinal problems in youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 2022; DOI: 10.1007/s10803-022-05539-6 A new study at the University of Missouri found a “bi-directional” relationship between gastrointestinal issues and internalized symptoms in children and adolescents with … Read more

Social media flooded with Johnny Depp support amid defamation case against Amber Heard

Social media flooded with Johnny Depp support amid defamation case

The defamation case brought by actor Johnny Depp against his ex-wife Amber Heard is still ongoing, but the court of social media seems to have already declared a winner. Posters on Twitter and TikTok have overwhelmingly backed Depp, with hashtags like “JusticeForJohnnyDepp” racking up nearly 3 billion views on TikTok. Similar hashtags have been tweeted … Read more

Social connections influence brain structure of rhesus macaques

Journal Reference: Camille Testard, Lauren J. N. Brent, Jesper Andersson, Kenneth L. Chiou, Josue E. Negron-Del Valle, Alex R. DeCasien, Arianna Acevedo-Ithier, Michala K. Stock, Susan C. Antón, Olga Gonzalez, Christopher S. Walker, Sean Foxley, Nicole R. Compo, Samuel Bauman, Angelina V. Ruiz-Lambides, Melween I. Martinez, J. H. Pate Skene, Julie E. Horvath, Cayo Biobank … Read more

Vin Diesel Reveals He Took A Break From Social When The World Got Tough, But Is Back Sharing His Feelings As Fast And Furious Gets Close To Ending

Vin Diesel Reveals He Took A Break From Social When

Like a lot of celebrities, Vin Diesel likes to use social media to keep his fans in the loop on what’s going on in both his professional and personal lives. However, it’s been a while since Diesel last threw something into the social media landscape, though he’s certainly not the only major figure in Hollywood … Read more

Amici 21, gli eliminati della quinta puntata. È bufera sui social: «Ridicoli!»

Amici 21 gli eliminati della quinta puntata E bufera sui

Amici 21, gli eliminati della quinta puntata. E’ bufera sui social: «Ridicoli!». La consueta registrazione del serale è stata anticipata a mercoledì e come sempre sono state diffuse le prime anticipazioni e scoperto chi verrà eliminato durante la puntata di sabato 16 aprile che seguiremo come sempre in diretta su   … Read more

“Freddie Mercury and The Rock Merged”: Dwayne Johnson Fans Take Social Media by Storm Over a Rare Picture

Freddie Mercury and The Rock Merged Dwayne Johnson Fans Take

WWE Superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson knows how to keep fans on their toes. The Rock not only stepped inside the squared circle but also became successful when he booked his ticket to Hollywood. Of course, we all know Dwayne Johnson, is famous for the biggest movie franchises such as Fast & Furious, Jumanji, Journey, … Read more

Lead as a social determinant of child and adolescent physiological stress and behavior

Journal References: Jianghong Liu, Jill Portnoy, Adrian Raine, Margaret Gladieux, Presley McGarry, Aimin Chen. Blood lead levels mediate the relationship between social adversity and child externalizing behavior. Environmental Research, 2022; 204: 112396 DOI: 10.1016/j.envres.2021.112396 Jianghong Liu, Jill Portnoy, Phoebe Um, Naixue Cui, Anna Rudo-Hutt, Chonghai Yan, Adrian Raine, Aimin Chen. Blood lead and mercury levels … Read more

Brooklyn Beckham e Nicola Peltz, quanto è costato il matrimonio. Esplode l’ira social: «Vergogna, c’è la guerra»

Brooklyn Beckham e Nicola Peltz quanto e costato il matrimonio

Sta facendo decisamente parlare il matrimonio di Brooklyn Beckham, figlio dell’ex calciatore David e della Spice Girl Victoria, che ha sposato la fidanzata Nicola Peltz in una cerimonia – secondo i media britannici – da 3,5 milioni di dollari. Tra gli invitati una sfilata impressionante di vip, dallo chef Gordon Ramsay … Read more

Reseña de La Quinta Estación, de N.K. Jemisin: trama repleta de originalidad y denuncia social

Resena de La Quinta Estacion de NK Jemisin trama repleta

En 2016, la autora internacional N.K. Jemisin ganó el Premio Hugo a la mejor novela por “La Quinta Estación”. Este año 2017, un año después del fallo, llega a las librerías españolas esta novela de la mano de Ediciones B en su sello Nova. “La Quinta Estación” es la primera parte de la trilogía La … Read more

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