the moviola | Bullet train: from Momomon, Pitt and the guy dressed as Bad Bunny

@lamoviola In the midst of a tarantinesque superficiality, which shows that director David Leitch (Dead Pool 2, Atomic Blonde), he is given the bloody choreography and that is his talent. Bullet train (Bullet Train, 2022), it might have been almost genius some three decades ago. Actually, the film opts for a very correct filmic job … Read more

‘Bullet Train’: Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds and the best cameos in Brad Pitt’s film

Bullet Train Sandra Bullock Ryan Reynolds and the best cameos

Do you feel like a comedy with a large dose of action? Then ‘Bullet Train’ is the ideal option, but did you know that the movie starring Brad Pitt has a lot of cameos? Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds even appear! If you like movies with eloquent action scenes that make you jump out of … Read more

Bullet Train analysis, what works and what doesn’t in Brad Pitt’s latest movie

Bullet Train analysis what works and what doesnt in Brad

This note has some spoilers. Two months ago, Brad Pitt gave an interview in which he anticipated that he was going to leave the cinemaat least one time. “It’s my last semester,” she commented. Precisely, within those six months, this week came in which Bullet trainthe expected last premiere of your career? It’s not just … Read more

‘Bullet Train’ isn’t the movie you were hoping for, but it has Brad Pitt taking on the responsibility of entertaining

Bullet Train isnt the movie you were hoping for but

Trailer for “Bullet Train”. (Sony Pictures) It’s the new movie David Leitchthe director who already filmed Atomic con Charlize Theron, Deadpool 2 con Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin y Zazie Beetz, and his last movie was Hobbs & Shawthe spin-off of Fast and Furious con Dwayne Johnson y Jason Statham. But there is still one more … Read more

Bad Bunny is acclaimed by the public at the premiere of “Bullet Train” with Brad Pitt

Bad Bunny is acclaimed by the public at the premiere

After a weekend full of parties and three successful concerts in Puerto Rico, the urban music star Bad Bunny debuted last night on the carpet at the premiere of the film “Bullet Train”starring Hollywood actor, Brad Pitt. The sought-after actor attended the premiere in Los Angeles Brad Pittalong with actors Simu Liu, Joey King, Brian … Read more

Chores, train, and social visits linked to lower risk of dementia

Journal Reference: Jianwei Zhu, Fenfen Ge, Yu Zheng, Yuanyuan Qu, Wenwen Chen, Huazhen Yang, Lei Yang, Fang Fang, Huan Song. Physical and Mental Activity, Disease Susceptibility, and Risk of Dementia A Prospective Cohort Study Based on UK Biobank. Neurology, 2022 DOI: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000200701 “Many studies have identified potential risk factors for dementia, but we wanted to … Read more

Using AI to train teams of robots to work together

Journal Reference: Seung Hyun Kim, Neale Van Stralen, Girish Chowdhary, Huy T. Tran. Disentangling Successor Features for Coordination in Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning. Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems, 2022 [abstract] “It’s easier when agents can talk to each other,” said Huy Tran, an aerospace engineer at Illinois. “But we … Read more

Could modified train cars capture carbon from the air? This team has a plan to make it happen

Journal Reference: E. Bachman, Alexandra Tavasoli, T. Alan Hatton, Christos T. Maravelias, Erik Haites, Peter Styring, Alán Aspuru-Guzik, Jeffrey MacIntosh, Geoffrey Ozin. Rail-based direct air carbon capture. Joule, 2022; 6 (7): 1368 DOI: 10.1016/j.joule.2022.06.025 Stationary direct air capture facilities require large areas of land to house their equipment and construct the renewable energy sources required … Read more

The Wilcox Train Robbery by the Wild Bunch: 123 Years Ago this Month.

The Wilcox Train Robbery by the Wild Bunch 123 Years

Wyoming Territorial Prison, Laramie, Wyoming At 2:00 a.m. on June 2, 1899, five masked men robbed a Union Pacific Train near Wilcox Wyoming, near Medicine Bow. The bandits flagged down the train and forced the train crew to separate the locomotive from the rest of the train, and drive it across the bridge, which was … Read more

Simulated human eye movement aims to train metaverse platforms

The results have been accepted and will be presented at the International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks (IPSN), May 4-6, 2022, a leading annual forum on research in networked sensing and control. “If you’re interested in detecting whether a person is reading a comic book or advanced literature by looking at their eyes … Read more

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