Film at Lincoln Center Tributes Chaplin Winner Cate Blanchett, Disses No-Show Bradley Cooper

Film at Lincoln Center Tributes Chaplin Winner Cate Blanchett Disses

Who did Cate Blanchett admire as she was coming up? Humane and tender actress Liv Ullmann. Glittering in flowing black sequins, two-time Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett, the second-youngest recipient of Film at Lincoln Center’s coveted 47th Chaplin Award, was ushered to her seat at Alice Tully Hall to resounding applause. As Film at Lincoln Center president … Read more

Mahomes and Chiefs, a bath of humility. Burrow, born winner

Mahomes and Chiefs a bath of humility Burrow born winner

The comeback suffered by +18 highlights the arrogant attitude of Kansas City. The Cincinnati quarterback continues to amaze Massimo Oriani @massimooriani February 1 – Milano After the most sensational weekend in living memory, the NFL certainly couldn’t give us an encore, right? And instead … Merit of Joe Burrow, but also of the greatest “choke”, … Read more

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