12 Dwayne Johnson movies that you should add to your watchlist


Dwayne Johnson has evolved from The Rock to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to just Dwayne Johnson. Dwayne Johnson developed his career from the ground up following his cinematic debut as half-man/half-scorpion monster in The Mummy Returns, starting off as “the most exciting guy in sports entertainment” to now being one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood.

Dwayne has evolved into so much more than he was after 20 years in television and film. Dwayne has developed his own premium Tequila (Teremana), co-formed a production firm (Seven Bucks Productions), launched his own fitness gear line, and collaborated with Under Armour to produce “The Rock” earphones. This guy is not just a superstar on film, but also a business and pleasure pioneer. What’s more astonishing is that the guy’s popularity appears to grow with each passing year. Perhaps it’s his adaptability. Do you like action? The majority of his work is just up your alley. Do you like laughing? He could write comedy for days. Do you want to see a nice old-fashioned inspiring sports film? The Rock will comply. Do you want to see Johnson cook body parts on a Weber? That’s…precise, but what do you know, he’s got one of them in his back pocket as well!

Not only is The Rock a superb actor because he can morph himself into any part, but he’s also recognised for his spectacular unique characters. His flexibility is widely known, ranging from the Fast & Furious series to portraying a renowned Disney animated character. If you’ve been a fan of the actor, we bet there are certain flicks that never lose their appeal, so if you’re planning a movie marathon anytime soon, we recommend you have a look at our list of what we believe are the finest Dwayne Johnson movies ever.

Here’s a compilation of Dwayne Johnson movies that you should add to your watchlist:

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

When reboots are revealed, it’s a toss-up between fans of the original embracing or loathing the notion. But when it comes to Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, it seems that the majority of spectators enjoyed it. In this film, Dwayne Johnson is really goofy, yet he’s also a badass. That said, it’s his ability to convince us that he’s a true nerd in the outside world that truly sells it.


Fast & Furious 8

The Rock returns to the Fast & Furious franchise for his third–but far from final–appearance in the series of films, this time joining up with Jason Statham’s previous film’s villain to begin building their buddy action dynamic. The Rock’s more heroic qualities really assist to sell the core squad of the fast-paced action flicks as a type of superpowered ‘Carvengers,’ with the matching sequel and spin-off film following soon after.



The Rundown

The Rock played Beck, an ambitious chef who is striving to save enough money to start his own restaurant, in this action-adventure film. With financial concerns on his mind, he is persuaded to bring home a mobster’s kid, portrayed by American Pie’s Seann William Scott, who proves to be an excellent scene partner for the then-unknown buddy action actor. Beck is without a doubt one of Dwayne Johnson’s most badass movie characters to date, providing The Rock with a memorable ‘cool dudes don’t look at explosions’ moment as he walks away from a fireball in slow motion.




Fighting With My Family

Fighting with My Family, another true-story sports drama, centres on the rise to prominence of another well-known WWE wrestler, Paige, making this a fairly personal endeavour for The Rock, who also served as producer and appeared in the film as himself. It’s a little cameo in the larger drama, but his presence makes perfect sense and adds a touch of star power to the rather small-scale film.





Even after the Disney Renaissance ended, the business continued to produce classic after classic, and Moana is unquestionably among its animated elite. Moana begins in the Pacific island of Motunui, where a horrible curse has been placed upon her household. She musters the fortitude to risk all and follow the call of the Ocean to seek out the Demigod, Maui, to put things right. Maui is a figure that was tailor-made for Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. He performs his role flawlessly with only his voice and contributed to the film’s success.



Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Journey 2 is included because it seems significant in the progression of Johnson’s career as a leading man. Stepping in for Brendan Fraser, this is one of many occasions a sequel to a film pushes ahead only on the basis of Johnson’s fame. Unfortunately, the picture itself is dull, but kudos to Johnson’s absolutely amazing pecs.



The Mummy Returns

It’s difficult to classify “The Mummy Returns” as a “Dwayne Johnson movie” since the wrestler-turned-actor only appears in the film for a brief prologue and then reappears at the conclusion as a CGI scorpion monster. But since it’s Johnson’s first important appearance in a film, it gets a special mention.




The Other Guys

Johnson has been in other police comedies and his presence in Adam McKay’s clever and subversive “The Other Guys” is a real treat. Johnson appears with Samuel L. Jackson as the heroic action movie ideal of law enforcement, only to die abruptly, causing “the other guys” – Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg – to take centre stage instead. It’s a short bit, but Johnson owns it, and the rest of the film is hilarious as well.




Race to Watch Mountain

Race to Witch Mountain is a fun recreation of the 1975 fantasy film of the same name (and more or less in name only). It’s about an ex-mob getaway driver who finds himself in the middle of an alien invasion plot, with two alien teens on one side, an alien assassin on the other, and a government snitch on the third; it’s up to Johnson to help the teens prevent their race from attacking Earth and taking over the world.



Red Notice

In this heist film/buddy comedy, Johnson must not only play the hero but also compete for humorous wits with Ryan Reynolds and play a romantic lead opposite Gal Gadot. Johnson, on the other hand, gives an outstanding performance. The film is also an outstanding indicator of where his star power is right now.



Get Smart

Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway take centre stage in this uninspired film reincarnation of one of the funniest TV programmes of all time, Alan Arkin gets most of the finest lines, and Johnson is imprisoned as the fourth star, sitting out much of the second act. Everyone in “Get Smart” is quite likable, but the film only features a few laugh-out-loud jokes.



The Game Plan

In this lighthearted, middle-of-the-road family comedy, Johnson portrays a selfish football player who discovers he has a daughter and must care for her on his own. Johnson finally learns a good lesson about parenting, and of course, he ends up wearing a tutu since filmmakers thought putting him in a tutu was the funniest thing ever for a few years. Fortunately, Johnson and his teenage co-star Madison Pettis are incredibly likeable together, and they make this very familiar formula work as well as anybody could wish.





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12 Dwayne Johnson movies that you should add to your watchlist

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