Camila Cabello and Johnny Depp turn the Oscars upside down –

In order to stop the worrying drops in audience that they have been experiencing for several years, this 2022 the Oscar they introduced a novelty in order to reconnect with the public. Is about a vote through Twitter where users can choose their favorite movie of 2021 and get it recognized at the gala next March.

Viewers, via the hashtag #OscarsFanFavorite, they can cast their vote up to twenty times a day from their profile on the blue bird’s social network and may even opt for a trip to Los Angeles, where they will attend the Academy Awards ceremony in Hollywood. However, leaving recognition in the hands of social networks can have its negative side, such as groups of fans organize themselves to vote en masse for their favorite candidates and end up sneaking options that, most likely, the Oscars did not expect.

Oscar Award from the Academy of Hollywood (Photo: Todd Wawrychuk/AMPAS via Getty Images)

The obvious thing was to hope that in this vote, for which the films will opt for recognition and tribute during the gala and not for a golden statuette, options much loved by the public such as Spider-Man: No Way Home they razed The wall-crawling tape was the great box office sensation of the past 2021, fans were delighted with its generational reunion and there are many who hope that Marvel will one day be recognized by the Oscars. However, comic fans are not being the smartest, since according to Deadline the films that are leading the votes are the Cinderella by Camila Cabello and The Minamata Photographer by Johnny Depp.

Of course, Figures like Camila Cabello drag a large number of fans thanks to their successful career in music. And the same with Depp, who after his controversial case with Amber Heard many of his followers have turned fully to him. However, this exemplifies that voting is done thinking about external factors and not about the film itself, and being honest, neither Cinderella neither The Minamata Photographer They are among the best of the year.

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The first, despite being a very entertaining guilty pleasure, was destroyed by critics after its premiere on Amazon Prime Video in September, while the film starring Depp also had a lukewarm reception and was a complete disaster at the box office due to the difficulties of distribution it had. And of course, the Hollywood Academy can be in a bind when it comes to rewarding films that go out of their way. Not because of the quality itself, which in the end is a very subjective debate, but because in the end they would be recognizing a title admired by a specific fan phenomenon and not by popular opinionwhich is the objective of this action in order to recover audience.

In addition, although an acknowledgment to Cinderella could be beneficial for the gala, by being able to recognize the film through its musical numbers or even inviting a star like Camila Cabello to the ceremony, in the event that The Minamata Photographerstarring and produced by Johnny Depp, prevails, It would make them come face to face with the controversy of the actor. And this would be an uncomfortable scenario that would put the Academy in a bind.

Nevertheless, when setting this action they should have been aware that any movie could sneak inespecially considering the bubble that social networks are, the fan communities so strong that they move in them and that popular elections are rarely exempt from controversy.

Voting closes on March 3 and there is still time for another film to prevail, as could well be the case with Spider-Man: No Way Homebut with this strategy, as happened with that attempt to introduce an Oscar for Best Popular Film a few years ago, it becomes clear again that the Oscars are desperately searching for the lost audience with no idea where to turn. Perhaps, they should start by assessing the basis of their awards, having put too much focus on independent cinema and increasingly leaving aside the great box office phenomena. Nor is it a matter of rewarding the most successful film of the year, but perhaps knowing how to find a middle ground.

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Camila Cabello and Johnny Depp turn the Oscars upside down –

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